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wedding trends

7 New Ways To Cover Your Reception Chairs to Add Pizazz

If you're looking for ways to spice up your ceremony or reception decor, there might be a simple solution: fabric over your rented chairs. There are plenty of ways to style chairs -- from the typical, formal Chiavari chair to the more relaxed wooden folding chair -- that spruce up decor without looking dated. Of... read more

12 Wedding Ideas to Steal From Our Party

While we spend every day looking at weddings sometimes we take the time to party too! To wrap up bridal fashion week and celebrate all things wedding we throw a party at the New York Public Library every year. This year's party was designed by Jes Gordon founder of properFUN and inspired all... read more

Freshly Picked! Farmers Market Wedding Ideas You'll Love

Farm-to-table menus have been a hot wedding food trend for a while now, but these new ideas prove that you can include fresh fruit and veggies into more than just your meal. If your typical weekend wouldn't be complete without hitting up your local farm stand or farmers market then you'll love these fresh wedding ideas inspired... read more

10 of Our Favorite Floral Arrangements With Dusty Miller

If you're going for lush organic floral arrangements at your wedding, you need to think beyond just flowers -- leaves can be just as important as the blooms you choose (and we even love the idea of an all leaf bouquet!). Accent leaves come in all shapes and sizes and lately dusty miller... read more

Steal This Vintage Glam Reception Table Style!

Pairing two unexpected styles for your reception --like vintage and glam -- can not only amp up the creative factor, but give you a lot of decor options to work with too. And this wedding in Duck, North Carolina with a colorful sweetheart table pulled of the combined themes look perfectly. To get this... read more

Cozy Up to These Plaid Wedding Ideas!

Sure your wedding colors are important, but we love thinking in terms of prints and patterns too. And plaid or Tartan print in warm fabrics like wool, fleece and flannel are perfect for late fall and winter weddings. Plaids are versatile too, you can channel the Scottish highlands, add some holiday cheer, make it preppy... read more

Trend Alert! Macrame Wedding Details

Let's set the record straight here: This is nothing like your grade school craft project macrame. We're talking about elegant macrame designs like a macrame wall hanging worthy of an art gallery or a macrame holder for a modern planter at a funky, hip restaurant. It's a fun new way to add texture color to your... read more

A Blueberry Bouquet! Plus 6 More Berry Bouquets...

Adding texture and depth to a bridal bouquet isn't anything new -- just look at all the succulent and thistle bouquets out there! But one fall and winter trend we're dying over is adding fresh berries into the mix. Wild berries, blueberries, grapes, coffee berries, juniper berries and even hypericum berries... read more

Disney's New Wedding Cakes Are Magical

Leave it to Mickey Mouse to make a little magic on your wedding day. Disney Fairytale Weddings has come up with an entirely new (and delicious!) concept: It's called wedding cake projection mapping and it allows you to project moving images, still photographs and graphic designs directly onto your wedding cake. The result is... read more

You Have To See This Blue Mix-And-Matched Table

Bold is beautiful, and nothing says "eye-catching" more than mixing statement-making patterns together in a reception table, like this funky blue decor from Julia and Bobby's preppy Colorado wedding. We love the idea of combining funky patterns to get a cohesive, textured vibe at the wedding reception while bringing in a few polished,... read more
A stylish exit is the exclamation point to a great wedding day, not to mention your last chance to drive home your personal style. Take full advantage of this opportunity.When it comes to your getaway transportation, get creative: Drive away in a vintage car decorated with bright flowers; toss your hair into the wind on a moped; or jump into a sleek, stylish sports car. And don't forget that "Just Married" sign.
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