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marriage proposals

You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching This Proposal Reaction

Proposal Reaction GIF
In case you didn't know there's an entire board on Reddit dedicated to creating and sharing reaction GIFs and yesterday user DizzieStu uploaded this gem of his girlfriend's face during his proposal. It's pretty amazing and hilarious to watch her complete surprise (she thought she was just having her photo taken in front... read more

We’re Loving This Scavenger Hunt Proposal Idea

Full disclosure: this isn't a real proposal. But the geniuses at Alchemy Fine Events and Invitations have teamed up with Luna Photo to illustrate just how romantic and playful a scavenger hunt proposal would be. With watercolor clues and a sparkly diamond pinata filled with the reasons he loves her, the bride... read more

An Amazing Mashup Movie Trailer Proposal

This proposal video combines a bunch of sci-fi, action and fantasy movies including Men in Black, Alien,  and Star Wars into one epic proposal that took months of shooting, professional costuming and 50 cast members to create. It's basically a feature film created by JHM Productions for their friend Victor Delgado and it's both creative and... read more

3 Couples Who Got Engaged On Set Of Their Favorite TV Shows

Couples Got Engaged On Set
Celebrities getting involved in proposals is nothing new, but now couples are taking their proposal to the celebrities by getting engaged on the set of their favorite tv shows! So far, we've heard of three tv set proposals on the sets of Modern Family, Community and Bones. Pretty cool right? They didn't have to break... read more

This Proposal Video Inspired A High School Bully To Apologize

Bully Apologizes After Watching Viral Marriage Proposal Video
There's so much to love about this proposal story. It all started in December with an epic flash mob proposal in West Hollywood that Lucas Ban set up for his boyfriend David Devora (David thought it was a surprise birthday party!). For the proposal Ke$ha's Timber started blasting and dancers lead by actress Briana Evigan... read more

Police Arrest Turns Out To Be A Fake Out Proposal! (Watch)

Police Arrest Proposal Fake
This has to be one of the craziest fake out proposal stories we've ever heard of, this guy had his girlfriend in tears thinking he was being arrested until he pulled out a ring and got down on one knee. Here's the backstory from an interview the couple gave to Good Morning... read more

A Graffiti Proposal On The High Line In NYC

Spotted! A passerby found and Instagrammed this graffiti proposal spray-painted onto a construction site near the High Line at 29th street in NYC. Gothamist.com tracked down the bride via Yelp and reported the story. Amber's boyfriend Bart surprised her with the graffiti proposal on an early morning walk down the High Line. When... read more

This Guy Auto-Tuned His Proposal Serenade!

Auto-tune Proposal
There's no easier way to ruin a perfect proposal moment than with an off-key rendition of a love song, so Sean Finson came up with a genius idea to sing his girlfriend's favorite song, even though he's not the most talented singer. With the help of his friends, Sean set up an auto-tune machine (you... read more

Watch Peter Pan Propose To Wendy Darling

Peter Pan Proposes to Wendy
Ok, so they're actually actors Sandor Strubl and his girlfriend and co-star Lilly-Jane Young, who were playing Peter Pan and Wendy in a musical adaptation of Peter Pan when Sandor proposed. It's the alternate ending of Peter Pan we secretly always wished for! The whole cast and the audience bursts into cheers in the end,... read more

6 Quirky Engagement Ring Boxes

Craziest Ways To Present the Ring
There's more than one way to present the engagement ring. In fact, did you know there's practically an industry of artists that will model clay, shape plastic, and carve wood to create some seriously elaborate engagement ring boxes? See below for some of the most unique ring boxes we've ever seen! A Yoshi Egg Engagement... read more
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