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lady gaga

Woah! Lady Gaga’s Designer Creates Unique Gown For Lady Mary

Sheer necklines, sleeves, and cut-outs have topped our most recent trend reports and designer Pam Hogg has taken illusion to another level. Having dressed fashion "icon" Lady Gaga, this particular gown shouldn't come as that much of a surprise. However, this may be one of the craziest wedding dresses we've seen! Full frothy skirts and... read more

What Would Gaga Wear? 10 Gowns She Might Actually Say Yes To

JLM Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga was spotted earlier this week in a wedding gown with her girlfriends -- one of which is getting married and supposedly made Gaga try on the gowns. Riiiiiight. Lady Gaga's relationship with Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney seems to be going strong, but are they gearing up for marriage? And more importantly, what in the world would she... read more
Accept that you might not actually be able to press pause on the compulsive wedding chatter. Hey, you're excited, and that's cool! But expecting one or two people to listen to all of it? Too much. Share the love. Spread the obsessing out over a wider circle of friends (that's what cubemates are for, right?) and space it out, so you can spare them all, including your fiance, from bride (that would be you) burnout.
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