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Turn Your Wedding Into an ’80s Concert Like Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Did

Actress and The Talk cohost Sara Gilbert and her songwriter girlfriend, Linda Perry, got married this weekend and had what sounds like the coolest reception ever, especially if you loooved the Wilson Phillips cameo in Bridesmaids (but who didn't, honestly?). Since Linda is a musician and well known in the industry (read: major connections), she surprised Sara... read more

You Won’t Be Able to Stop Watching This Choreographed Britney Spears Wedding Dance

There are friends, and then there are best friends -- and Bradley Bredeweg is definitely a best friend. Bradley, who's the executive producer of The Fosters, decided to surprise his BFF Stephanie Huntington on her wedding day with a Britney Spears–themed gift, since the two have always been obsessed with her. Bradley decided to hire professional dancers... read more

5 Questions We Have For Johnny Depp Regarding His Odd Engagement Ring Comments

When we spotted Johnny Depp rocking a man-gagement ring prior to his wedding, we thought he might be able to make it a trend. However, after hearing his latest comments about his new bling (which was actually meant for Amber Heard), we're not so sure that most grooms would be on board with the idea.... read more

15 Stages Every Groom Goes Through in GIFs

We already told you the 15 stages every bride goes through when planning a wedding, but what about grooms? The whole wedding planning process is hard for them too (sometimes), and they have a totally different way of dealing with it. 1. Right before he proposed 2. When you said yes  3. When you asked him... read more

5 Proposal Pranks That Ended With A “Yes”

Just in time for April Fool's Day, prepare to have your jaw drop at the lengths that some guys have gone to completely shock their girlfriends. We're not suggesting that prank marriage proposals are a great way to go -- you definitely have to have a sense of humor -- but you do have to admit, they're definitely a memorable way to... read more

24 Our Favorite Wedding Proposals From Instagram

Instagram Proposals
We've rounded up some of our favorite proposals from Instagram tagged to #TheKnot and we just had to share some of our favorites. Prepare to be wowed by these romantic photos! Do you want to be included in our next roundup? Make sure you're following us at @TheKnot and... read more

Would You Travel With a Placeholder Engagement Ring Like Lauren Conrad Did?

We thought Lauren Conrad's gorgeous round-cut diamond solitaire engagement ring reveal (with a flawless red manicure) couldn't be topped, but the SoCal fashion icon's style never ceases to amaze us. On a recent trip to Guatemala, Lauren Instagramed a photo of her left hand showing off a pretty textile-inspired manicure -- with something... read more

17 Of The Most Creative Baseball Wedding Ideas We’ve Ever Seen!

One of the best parts about planning a wedding is coming up with creative ways to honor your favorite hobbies, colors and interests. For some couples, that means a nod to baseball! Just in time for the 2014 MLB opening day today, we rounded up 15 of our favorite ideas. Stadium Portraits... read more

Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Got a Literally Cheesy Proposal — See The Pizza Pic!

Honey Boo Boo's family never skews toward tradition, per se, but always keeps things interesting in their hometown of McIntyre, GA. During last night's episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Honey Boo Boo's older sister, Anna Shannon, got proposed to by her boyfriend Michael on New Year's Eve during their town's annual Tallapossa Possum Drop (no, we're not... read more

Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Player Photobombs Newlyweds in These Amazing Pics

Newlyweds and Chicago residents Carrie and Rob Krolak couldn't have gotten a more Windy Cinty–esque reception if they tried! The couple had their wedding reception in a suite at the United Center during a Chicago Blackhawks and Carolina Hurricanes hockey game, and started the night off right with an epic photo. When Carrie... read more
Accept that you might not actually be able to press pause on the compulsive wedding chatter. Hey, you're excited, and that's cool! But expecting one or two people to listen to all of it? Too much. Share the love. Spread the obsessing out over a wider circle of friends (that's what cubemates are for, right?) and space it out, so you can spare them all, including your fiance, from bride (that would be you) burnout.
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