10 Celebrities You Want at Your Wedding (in GIFs!)

10 Celebrities You Want At Your Wedding |
We already covered which celebs you probably don’t want at your wedding, and now it's time to explore the ones you would want there. You know the type of celeb we're talking about: the one who would make even your boring uncle laugh over dinner and then create the most memorable dance party ever.... read more

14 Stages You'll Go Through the Morning of Your Wedding (in GIFs!)

Morning of your wedding |
We've already told you about the stages you go through when planning a wedding, but the day of your wedding brings on a totally different set of emotions. Below, the 14 stages you might go through the morning of your wedding (in GIFs!).   1. When you first wake up and think "It's... read more

Top 7 Misconceptions From Our Favorite Wedding Movies (in GIFs!)

Top 8 Wedding Movie Misconceptions|
As much as we love these wedding rom-com classics full of ridiculous bridal parties and wedding planners that will make all your dreams come true, they're not exactly true to life. Some of them depict wedding planning as it used to be (dad cutting a check at the end of the night isn't the norm anymore) while... read more

13 Stages of Getting Engaged (in GIFs!)

A lot of times it feels like people just get engaged overnight. But when you decide you want to marry your partner, it might seem like the whole getting engaged process takes forever. It's not as simple as him catching you browsing The Knot and then getting down on one knee. Here are 13 stages you... read more

10 Guests You’ll See at Every Wedding (in GIFs!)

We know you've spent a lot of time editing your guest list again and again and you've perfected your seating chart to minimize drama. And even though your wedding is going to be perfect, there's still a few guests who are going to be, well, pretty annoying. But don't worry. It's not just... read more

9 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence Would Be the Coolest Bridesmaid Ever (in GIFs)

We're having a little bridesmaid envy, since Jennifer Lawrence was a bridesmaid in her brother Blaine Lawrence's wedding to his fiancée, Carson Massler. We can't think of anyone who would be more fun at a bachelorette party or would give a better toast at a reception, making us think that these reasons are why... read more

6 Signs It’s Time to Stop Talking About Your Wedding (in GIFs)

There's no doubt that Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting's December 31 wedding was beautiful, dreamy and well documented on social media. So much, maybe, that the actress still loves to talk about her wedding in interviews. But in Cosmopolitan's April issue, Kaley told the magazine, "[Our wedding] was like nothing I'd ever... read more

15 Stages Every Groom Goes Through in GIFs

We already told you the 15 stages every bride goes through when planning a wedding, but what about grooms? The whole wedding planning process is hard for them too (sometimes), and they have a totally different way of dealing with it. 1. Right before he proposed 2. When you said yes  3. When you asked him... read more

10 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous of Your Engagement

Courtney Ellis Photography
When you get engaged, you want your friends to be just as happy as you are. But the truth is, some of them might not be. A few of your closest pals may be just a tiny bit jealous of your new relationship status. They could be mad about losing one of their single girlfriends or... read more
Escort cards are extremely easy to personalize and an excellent way to bring in your wedding day colors -- from calligraphed seating cards set atop a textured linen to apples tagged with each guest's name or small personalized bundles of lavender tied off with string. Other ways to display escort cards: Pin them to a clothesline, post them on a board covered in color-coordinated ribbon, or incorporate them into your cocktail hour using personalized stirrers tagged with guests' names.
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