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The Best Metallic Nail Polishes To Buy Right Now

There is many a bride who doesn't want her engagement ring to be the only sparkle on her hands during her wedding day. We think a metallic nail is a really perfect added touch. Here are some of our favorites that are available at stores or online this second! Essie You will... read more

Would You Wear Face Paint for Your Wedding? These Brides Did

With her crimson face paint, vivid beaded jewelry and brightly colored robes, a Masai bride is a sight to behold. Red is considered a sacred color in the East African country of Kenya, where the native tribe’s people paint their bodies with a vibrant ochre paste for special ceremonies, including milk drinking, meat... read more

You Won’t Believe What Israeli Brides Are Putting on Their Faces

You're going to have to trust us with this one and take a little leap of beauty faith—the product that Israeli brides are obsessed with and smearing all over their gorgeous faces and bodies is…mud. But not just your garden-variety type of mud, this magic concoction is made from the mineral-rich mud of... read more

Five Awards Season Beauty Looks That You’ll Want to Steal for Your Wedding

Another Awards season is coming to a close as the Oscars approach on March 2nd. We're sure to see some amazingly inspirational beauty on that glamorous Sunday evening, but it will be hard to top these five overall beauty looks we've admired from Hollywood so far this year. Each one would be perfect for a... read more

Who Needs An Updo? Five Gorgeous Ways To Wear Your Hair Down

Not every bride is keen to wear her hair up on her wedding day. And while we love a good updo, we don't think every fancy occasion calls for one. Here are some of our favorite red carpet styles where celebrities opted for down, instead of up. We think you'll find there's lots... read more

The Prettiest Beauty Tip You’ve Never Heard About is…

The edelweiss flower gained worldwide fame courtesy of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Despite the movie taking place in Austria, it’s actually the Germans who have revered the tiny alpine posy for centuries. The fact that it survives at all—given that it grows at astonishing altitudes of between 6,000 and 9,000 feet... read more

Hottest Fitness Apps To Get You Wedding-Ready

Wedding Fitness Apps
We tried out some of the hottest health and fitness apps out there, so if you're looking to lose a few pounds or tone up before wedding day all you have to do is download an app! Oh, and well, actually eat well and exercise, but thanks to our handy smartphones, plus The... read more

The Chicest Short Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day

Not since Mia Farrow first debuted her pixie cut by Vidal Sassoon in the'60s has short hair been so popular in Hollywood. We have many a friend who have followed suit and chopped off their hair in favor of something sleeker. If that's you and you're looking for some styling inspiration for your wedding, we... read more

Where’s the Best Place to Get Pampered for a Wedding?

Forget putting anything on your skin—in Russia, it’s all about sweating everything out! Banya (Russian baths) are de rigueur for Muscovites, who congregate at these communal bathhouses once a week, not only to purify their skin, detoxify their livers and rid their muscles of excess lactic acid, but also to socialize with their friends. Patrons alternate between... read more

Rice Holds the Key to Eternal Youth for Chinese Brides

Not only is rice the national dietary staple of China, it’s also one of the nation’s best-kept beauty secrets. For flawless complexions, Chinese brides use rice water—the water used to cook rice in—to wash and tone their skin. Rice bran contains phytic acid, which exfoliates skin to the point where it looks noticeably... read more
Accept that you might not actually be able to press pause on the compulsive wedding chatter. Hey, you're excited, and that's cool! But expecting one or two people to listen to all of it? Too much. Share the love. Spread the obsessing out over a wider circle of friends (that's what cubemates are for, right?) and space it out, so you can spare them all, including your fiance, from bride (that would be you) burnout.
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