Wedding Day Manicure Dos and Don'ts

blue wedding manicureAgape Moments
Picking your wedding day nail polish is only half the battle when it comes to getting a perfect bridal manicure. They're are going to be a lot of people looking and grabbing your hands to catch a glimpse of that pretty new ring, so do yourself a favor and follow these DOs and... read more

Hot Topic: Would You Get Temporary Plastic Surgery For Your Wedding?

Wedding dress with cleavageShutterstock
You've heard of the kinda-bizarre "hand-lift" temporary cosmetic surgery craze, right? You know, when your hand is injected with Juvederm and lasts for nine months so your hand can look younger and smoother for engagement ring selfies? Well we've got that beat with the newest temporary plastic surgery that some brides-to-be could be interested... read more

5 Important Marriage Lessons to Learn From 2 Unlikely People

Bride and groom kissing in the streetShutterstock
As much as we do things our way, there are those that came before us that just may have done it better — and longer. So while we might think that we need to rage against tradition at times (or mostly all the time), sometimes we do need to look back to see how we... read more

Getting in Shape For Your Wedding? Check Out These Chic Workout Items!

17 Honest Thoughts Guys Had Before Proposing

Man about to proposeShutterstock
Ever wonder what exactly raced through your future husband's mind before he nervously asked you to marry him? (Of course you did!) So thankfully, Whisper (the addictive app that lets you post anonymous secrets for all to see) has a ton of pre-proposal confessions from real grooms-to-be. Keep reading for 17 honest thoughts guys had before popping... read more

Hot Topic: Were You Too Tired to Have Sex on Your Wedding Night?

Newlyweds holding handsShutterstock
Let's face it: Your wedding day is exhausting. And when it's over, no matter whether you and your partner are first-timers or have been living together for years, you might not have the energy to have sex on your wedding night. So when faced with starvation (if you didn't get to finish your own prime rib), 10,000 bobby... read more

What to Pack for a Honeymoon in Morocco

Explore the medina, shop at the souks and tour the grandiose palaces when you visit the intoxicating city of Marrakech, Morocco. Exactly what you've always imagined, Marrakech is an exotic cityscape—filled with swirling pungent spices, colorful bazaars and memorizing snake charmers. It's a magical setting to celebrate your newlywed status. About an 8 hour flight from... read more

16 Celebrity Weddings We're Looking Forward to in 2015!

Johnny Depp and Amber HeardGetty
Last year, we saw Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Lauren Conrad, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney get married -- and I know what you're thinking. What other celebrity weddings could possibly be left to look forward to in 2015? Never fear -- there's still plenty of planning going... read more

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Were the Best Wedding Crashers Ever in Their New 'Sugar' Music Video! (Watch)

Maroon 5 crashed weddings for their new Sugar music videoMaroon 5 via YouTube
Remember when we told you that Adam Levine and his Maroon 5 band mates were up to some sneaky wedding crashing antics in December? Well, seven newlyweds's weddings took an unexpected left turn, since the Grammy award-winning band crashed their receptions for their new "Sugar" music video! At the beginning of the video, Adam says,... read more

Hayley Paige: 6 Things I Need To Have At My Wedding

Wedding dress designer Hayley Paige
By Hayley Paige for The Knot When I think about the six things I absolutely need at my wedding, this little jingle came to mind: So for kicks, let’s call the following must-haves the "wed necessities," the simple wed necessities, to forget about my worries and my strife! So what will help me do... read more
Escort cards are extremely easy to personalize and an excellent way to bring in your wedding day colors -- from calligraphed seating cards set atop a textured linen to apples tagged with each guest's name or small personalized bundles of lavender tied off with string. Other ways to display escort cards: Pin them to a clothesline, post them on a board covered in color-coordinated ribbon, or incorporate them into your cocktail hour using personalized stirrers tagged with guests' names.
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