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What Do Nuts and Lashes Have to Do With Each Other? Argentinian Women Explain

Buenos Aires beauties are known for their intense, drop-dead gorgeous eyes (ever seen an Argentine tango?). Turns out the secret to achieving that come-hither gaze may be lurking in your kitchen cupboard. Argentineans condition, soften and strengthen their lashes by dipping an old mascara wand in almond oil and liberally coating their lashes... read more

Croatian Women Let You in on the Secret to Staying Calm

Croatian brides maintain a calm, stress-free demeanor with a little help from the country’s national crop—lavender. Most Croats carry around a sachet of this intoxicating purple-blue flower harvested on the island Hvar in the Adriatic Sea. Dried lavender flowers multitask as an on-the-go perfume, pick-me-up, calm-me-down and first-aid kit (locals use it to... read more

Steal This Relaxing Tip From Afghani Brides

An Afghani bride begins preening two days before her wedding with a visit to the hammam—a Middle Eastern version of a day spa. A type of public bathhouse-slash-sauna that dates back several centuries and is popular amongst royalty and commoners alike, the hammam is as much a community gathering place as it is... read more

Akasuri Is the Korean Beauty Scrub You Need to Know About

In Korea, it’s customary to ready oneself for a special occasion by purifying one’s body and soul with a vigorous scrub known as akasuri, meaning red (aka) and rub (suru). After softening skin in a steam room or sauna, an abrasive towel is used by a diligent, strong-armed aesthetician to apply an aromatherapy... read more

Guess What the Biggest Beauty Trend in Uruguay is (Hint: It’s White, Yellow and Edible)

In this small South American country, brides trust time-tested secrets handed down from mother to daughter over high-tech lotions and potions. To maintain their luscious, lustrous locks, pretty Punta del Este beachcombers counter the dehydrating effects of the sea and saltwater by preparing their own homegrown hair rescue remedy: eggs. They beat an... read more

What’s the Must-Have Flower for Indian Brides?

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An Indian wedding is both a visual and an olfactory feast. Not only does the happy couple wear a garland of flowers, known as jai mala, around their necks while standing beneath a petal-covered canopy, or mandap, to recite their vows, a bride also decorates her thick, shiny, waist-length hair with giant jasmine blossoms. The... read more

Ivory Coast Brides Can Thank Shea Butter for Their Buttery Soft Skin

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Brides in this West African country perched on the Gulf of Guinea owe their soft, supple, age-defying skin to the “tree of life,” aka the karité nut tree, from which shea butter is derived. This all-natural, nontoxic balm is packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and cinnamic acid—a natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory agent.... read more

Greek Women Are Brewing Their Beauty Secret and Washing Their Hair in Rosemary Tea

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In Ancient Greece, rosemary was considered a sacred herb and burned on the altars of the gods. Today, it’s still reserved for special occasions such as weddings, where a sprig is added to the bride’s bouquet, headpiece, dress and even her hair. Modern-day Greek goddesses rinse their tresses with rosemary water, a “tea”... read more

SK-II Sweepstake Rules

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NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THIS SWEEPSTAKES. MAKING A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. TERM: The SK-II Sweepstakes (the "Sweepstakes") entry period commences at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on February 10,2014, and ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on February 10, 2014... read more

The Secret to Japanese Women’s Flawless Skin Is in the Sake (Win This Super Ingredient From SK-II)

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This fermented rice wine has been keeping Japanese women youthful for years. But it’s not the actual drink that’s been giving them unlined faces -- it’s a strain of yeast produced during the fermentation process known as PiteraTM. The discovery was made by accident in the 1970s, when a group of scientists working... read more
Escort cards are extremely easy to personalize and an excellent way to bring in your wedding day colors -- from calligraphed seating cards set atop a textured linen to apples tagged with each guest's name or small personalized bundles of lavender tied off with string. Other ways to display escort cards: Pin them to a clothesline, post them on a board covered in color-coordinated ribbon, or incorporate them into your cocktail hour using personalized stirrers tagged with guests' names.
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