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Hot Topic: Are You Worried About Your Family Embarrassing You At Your Wedding?

For a lot of brides and grooms, there's a slight chance your family could embarrass you a little during your wedding (or at the events leading up to it!). And we've even heard of some brides and grooms who are afraid to get engaged and/or have a wedding ceremony because they know their family... read more

Hot Topic: Would You Want Your Proposal Photographed?

When you're planning your wedding, having a photographer there isn't even a question. You know you want every single special moment captured on film forever. But what about the proposal? It's an equally special and personal moment, and photographing the proposal is becoming more and more of a trend. "People are starting to realize... read more

Hot Topic: How Can I Bring Up A Prenup?

How to discuss a prenup | Maria Sbytova | blog.theknot.comMaria Sbytova
When you're planning your wedding, it's probably easy (and fun!) to talk about cakes, favors and food with your partner. Talking about prenups? Not so easy. But, getting married means you're starting your life together, and talking about getting one forces you both to face your finances and start planning for the future. While it might not... read more

Is It Rude to Have Your Wedding on a Holiday?

Getting married around the holidays can be super fun for you and your guests. Three-day holiday weekends like Memorial Day or Labor Day are popular for Sunday weddings because out-of-town guests have a full day to return home; and because for most guests, these weekends come with a built-in day off from work. (If you... read more

How Do You "Share" the Holidays?

  Spending time with your family and friends at home is what the holidays are all about. But when you're engaged and about to merge two families or already married, figuring out where to spend the holidays can be a little complicated. You want to see your family, and your partner wants to see theirs.... read more

10 Celebrities You Want at Your Wedding (in GIFs!)

10 Celebrities You Want At Your Wedding |
We already covered which celebs you probably don’t want at your wedding, and now it's time to explore the ones you would want there. You know the type of celeb we're talking about: the one who would make even your boring uncle laugh over dinner and then create the most memorable dance party ever.... read more

Hot Topic: How Long Is Too Long to Be Engaged?

According to the Knotties who responded to our 2014 Real Wedding Study, the average length of an engagement is 14 months. But that's just an average. Some engagements can be super short (like a month!) and some can last for years and years. And we say there's no "wrong" or "right" length of... read more

The Top 10 Most Popular Couple Names for 2014! Did You Make the List?

If you're a bride reading this, there's a good chance your name is Jessica (and if you're a groom, there's a great chance you're a Michael). Why? Well, recently, we went through the names of all of the members of and learned that the most popular couple names of 2014... read more

Hot Topic: Do You Let People Try on Your Engagement Ring?

  We know you love your engagement ring and want to show it off to everyone. And it's super likely that while people are oohing and ahhing over your new diamonds, a few of your friends, family members or coworkers may ask if they can try it on. We've heard about a lot... read more

Paraplegic Veteran Surprises His Bride and Dances With Her on Their Wedding Day! (Watch!)

Paraplegic Veteran Surprises Bride | Vimeo| blog.theknot.comVimeo
Four months after Sgt. Joey Johnson met his future wife, Michelle Johnson, he was in a motorcycle accident that made him a paraplegic. According to, their relationship was "facing a daunting obstacle, but that didn't matter to Michelle." The couple, who met at a country music concert in 2012, knew they were "meant to... read more
Escort cards are extremely easy to personalize and an excellent way to bring in your wedding day colors -- from calligraphed seating cards set atop a textured linen to apples tagged with each guest's name or small personalized bundles of lavender tied off with string. Other ways to display escort cards: Pin them to a clothesline, post them on a board covered in color-coordinated ribbon, or incorporate them into your cocktail hour using personalized stirrers tagged with guests' names.
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