Lauren Conrad’s Floral-Themed Bridal Shower Was as Pretty as You’d Expect

Lauren Conrad Bridal Shower DishWishGirl

What, did you not expect Lauren Conrad‘s bridal shower to be the epitome of floral perfection and the stuff that flawless Instagram photos are made of?

The SoCal fashion designer’s event was August 31 and included lots of gorgeous floral arrangements, dainty china plates and teacups with assorted patterns and a request from the bride-to-be to bring along a recipe on a card. Lauren wore a white lace dress, a slim white headband and of course, her classic cat-eye.

Her cocktail napkins said “Almost Mrs. Tell” and the hashtag #tellmeyouloveme was used throughout the shower, which was styled and designed by Dish Wish.

Lauren wrote, “Thank you to my amazing friends and family for the best shower ever! #tellmeyouloveme.”

See more pics of Lauren’s shower below:

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