Bride Burns Un-Invited Facebook Friends (What Not To Do)

We’re still in shock over one bride’s Facebook post that recently went viral. In a single status update, she burned all of her uninvited guests. See what we’re talking about right here…

Here’s our general take on posting online: Keep it positive. Before you post that status venting about all the guests who RSVP’d for too many people or complain about your future mother-in-lawzilla, pause for a second and think. Posting something negative about your wedding (even if you don’t call out a person specifically) will only lead to hurt feelings. Instead, politely address each situation directly as it comes your way. Trust us, the other route will only create animosity around your wedding, and no one wants that!

What do you think? Did this bride go too far? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Mia
    08/11/14 at 07:32

    well, i don’t necessarily agree with posting that, but the reasons are all valid ones!

  • Stephanie
  • Stephanie
    08/12/14 at 02:45

    I meant that I agree with Mia, not with the bridezilla!! :)

  • myfauxdiamond
    08/11/14 at 10:03

    Reblogged this on My Faux Diamond and commented:
    Modern Problems! #myfauxdiamond #weddings #brides

  • rcsdk9
    08/12/14 at 01:36

    Very easily solved! Saying our Wedding is going to be a small private affair for family & very close Friends! People who post like this are usually vain or need attention because they are insecure. I’m gonna say this person is both.

  • Andrea
    08/12/14 at 03:46

    Incredibly inappropriate and a variety of grammatical errors. Something tells me this bride isn’t too bright on multiple levels. Groom may want to reconsider this one…

  • Breanna
    09/26/14 at 12:00

    I don’t necessarily think this was appropriate either. She’s probably a lovely girl and just wants to nip all the awkward phone calls in the bud. I just recently had to tell my cousin her boyfriend wasn’t invited to my wedding. Mostly because I’d never met him before. Not everyone is great with people, she may be a stellar artist and is going to have the most badass DIY wedding you’ve ever seen. Maybe she’s a philanthropist and donates hundreds of dollars worth of clothes to the needy. The fact is, you don’t know anything about her except that she posted a less-than-thought-out FB post (which we are ALL guilty of) and you basically said she should get left at the alter. Obviously her fiance loves her, he did ask her marry him after all. So maybe chill out with the aggressively rude comments.

    P.S. We can’t all have perfect grammar either and Facebook is hardly the place to be critical of someone’s sentence structure.

  • Fleur
    01/03/15 at 11:17

    lol That’s what I was thinking! She isn’t too bright at all. And if I were invited to her wedding, I don’t think I’d show up. She sounds awful.

  • Mariel
  • Jazz
    01/03/15 at 11:02

    She could have stopped after the second sentence. People know weddings have limited room so saying that they can only invite so many people is fine, but listing who isn’t invited, not fine.

  • 01/03/15 at 05:04

    I agree with the reasons she posted, but she did not need to post it! Just not inviting them was enough. Apologizing for not inviting is all she had to do. Lordy loo.

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