6 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Location

You and your spouse-to-be probably have tons of places that are special to you — where you met, where you got engaged and soon, the place where you’ll be married! That’s why map, coordinate and state silhouette accessories that mark the spot are perfect additions to your wedding day ensemble (can you say perfect wedding day gift?). They’re a cute but subtle reminder of your wedding that you can easily wear long after the reception ends. See some of our favorite location inspired accessories below!

The Location’s Latitude and Longitude

Buy it here: GPS Cuff with Giant Text, SpiffingJewelry.com, $20.00

Buy it here: Coordinates Tie Clip, Tesoro Jewelry, $15.00

A Vintage or Embossed Map of The Special Spot

Buy it here: The Map Necklace, ThreeJaneNY.com, $150.00

Buy it here: Vintage Navigator Cuff Links, ChartMetalWorks.com, $125

State Silhouettes With Heart Over Your City

Buy it here: Metal State Necklace, MoonAndLola.com, $188.00

Buy it here: Custom Shape Cufflinks, RachaelSudlow.com, $60.00

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