15 Stages Every Bridesmaid Goes Through (in GIFs!)

You already know that planning an epic bachelorette party is part of the job, but so are excitement, stress and even a little sadness. Trust us: From the moment you get a text saying “We’re engaged!” (plus a million diamond ring emojis) until you toss your last handful of confetti at the send-off, you’re going to go through a ton of emotions. Whether you’ve been in 27 dresses, you’re new to this whole being a bridesmaid thing or you’re getting married and want to know what’s going through your bridesmaids’ heads right now, read on to find out what we’re talking about.

1. When you find out your best friend is officially engaged

2. When the to-be-weds ask you to be a bridesmaid

3. When you get an e-mail at midnight with all your bridesmaid responsibilities

4. When it actually hits you that your friends are getting married

5. When the you’re asked to try on a less-than-flattering bridesmaid dress

6. When you guys finally agree on a bridesmaid dress

7. When you’ve heard a little too much about the wedding plans

8. When you plan the best bachelorette party ever

9. When they ask if you want to help craft DIY favors

10. When you’re writing your wedding toast

11. When you want to hang out with the to-be-weds but they’re doing couple-y things without you

12. When one of the to-be-weds is about to have a meltdown and you totally save the day

13. When you’re getting ready together on the wedding day

14. When it’s finally time to party at the reception

15. When the couple thanks you and tells you that you were the best bridesmaid ever

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