These Iceland Elopement Pictures Will Take Your Breath Away

Iceland Elopement: Gabe McClintock Photography / Gabe McClintock Photography

Would you expect photos of a romantic elopement in Iceland to be anything less than absolutely stunning? Photographer Gabe McClintock traveled with Sarah and Josh to Iceland for their elopement, capturing the couple atop breathtaking cliffs and walking along deserted plains.

Sarah even wore two different wedding dresses in the photos — one white and one black!

“It’s been a dream of mine for a few years now,” Gabe wrote. “A line on my bucket list…to shoot an elopement in Iceland. There is something beautiful about the intimacy of an elopement. Just two people in love. Sharing their love for each other with each other. And then there is Iceland. Having seen hundreds of images of this small little island, I knew it would be something special. Something amazing. But I was shocked at how unprepared I was for the raw natural beauty it really is. It’s so much more then just simple something special.”

Don’t be surprised if the rest of the photos make you want to get married in Iceland too:

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