5 Honeymoon Photos We’re Insanely Jealous Of


We’re not going to lie: Seeing an amazing honeymoon photo on Instagram makes us a bit jealous. But if you’re planning a honeymoon, scrolling through #honeymoon on Instagram can pump you up for your own romantic trip. Take a look at the photos of jaw-dropping views, picture-perfect beaches and epic activities below and you’ll find out exactly what we mean. Then tell us where you’re headed on your honeymoon in the comments!

Dressing Up in St. Lucia

Sightseeing in Cambodia

Posing in Croatia

Riding Elephants in Thailand

Parasailing in Mauritius

About The Partnership:  The Knot and Dreams Punta Cana partnered up to create fun, social honeymoon content for engaged couples. The story above was written 100% by The Knot. To learn more visit DreamsResorts.com.


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  • 07/25/14 at 02:48

    Many (not all, but many) elephant tours in Southeast Asia don’t meet the animal handling/treatment standards we’re used to, and it’s actually pretty sad. Always be wary of contact-with-animal tours. Best to observe them wild environment, as in a trip to the Amazon or Galapagos.

  • leannwalters
    08/20/14 at 01:46

    That was my first thought, how these poor elephants when kept in captivity to perform for the people who make their living from their service are 99% of the time treated inhumanely and forced to do what they do. It is a cruel life for these beautiful creatures.

  • Lisa
    07/25/14 at 07:16

    We are going to the Galapagos for our honeymoon! Once in a lifetime trip, I cannot wait.

  • Emma
    07/26/14 at 11:44

    Not jealous of any of them, we went to Tunisia to visit the Star Wars film sets, now that was perfect :-)

  • Tammy
    08/13/14 at 08:38

    Elephants are not designed to carry people on their backs . I wish people would quit contributing to the abuse of the beautiful creatures.

  • anna
    08/14/14 at 06:00

    I couldn’t agree more. This shouldn’t be promoted or shown on these sites. Wild animals should be enjoyed in their natural habit – far away from humans.

  • Carol davis
    08/24/14 at 06:19

    I agree about the elephants. They are kept in chains & beaten. It’s sad.

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