Floral Invitations Done 5 Ways

Flowers are one of the most classic motifs for wedding invitations, but lately we’re seeing garden-inspired invitations done in fresh new ways. From romantic watercolors to bold graphic prints, flowers printed on your stationery can make a major statement about your style (no matter what your style is!). These are five of our favorite ways to incorporate flowers into your invitations.

1. Whimsical Watercolor Invitations

From the album: A Colorful Rustic Wedding in Lawrenceville, NJ

From the album: A Traditional, Romantic Wedding in Jacksonville, FL

From the album: A Kunde Family Estate Wedding in Kenwood, California

2. Leaf Motif Invitations

From the album: A Toledo Club Wedding in Toledo, Ohio

From the album: A Green Oaks Farm and Retreat Wedding in Pescadero, California

From the album: An Olivia On The Hill Wedding in St. Louis, Missouri

3. Bright, Graphic Flower Invitations 

From the album: A Bright Whimsical Wedding in New York, NY

From the album: A St. Francis Hall Wedding in Washington, D.C.

From the album: A Shabby-Chic Wedding in San Antonio, TX

4. Elegant Detailed Painted Flower Invitations

From the album: A Rustic Vintage Wedding in Orlando, FL

From the album: A Southern Exposure Herb Farm Wedding in Battle Creek, Michigan

From the album: A Laid-Back Vintage Wedding in Bernardsville, NJ

5. Modern Hand-Drawn Floral Invitations

From the album: A Rustic Vineyard Wedding in Paso Robles, CA

From the album: A South Carolina State Museum Wedding in Columbia, South Carolina

From the album: A Hobbs Building Wedding in Kansas City, Missouri

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