12 Creative Ways to Photograph Your Wedding Rings

It’s a given that there will be plenty of ring photos in your wedding album — particularly when you’re exchanging rings at the ceremony. But if you want a clean backdrop to showcase your newlywed bands and your dreamy engagement ring, consider playful props like piano keys, flower petals, cupcakes or even golf balls to add some personality to your ring shot. Your photographer can help you stage a creative backdrop tying into your wedding theme, or you can borrow some ideas from these couples for out-of-the-box ways to display your ring.

On Top of Piano Keys

From the album: An Elegant Garden Wedding in River Vale, New Jersey

On a Fresh Peach

From the album: A Grande Ritz Palm Wedding in Duck, North Carolina

In a Cupcake

From the album: A Parisian-Inspired Wedding in Paterson, New Jersey

On Top of a Cookie Stack

From the album: A Lauxmont Farms Wedding in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

On the Daily Newspaper

From the album: A Rustic Barn Wedding in Hudson, New York

In a Sentimental Jewelry Dish

KT Merry

KT Merry

On Your Bridal Flowers

From the album: A Classic Southern Wedding in Charleston, South Carolina

In Vintage Ring Boxes

From the album: An Elegant Garden Wedding in Louisville, Kentucky

On Nautical Rope

From the album: A Boston Yacht Club Wedding in Marblehead, Massachusetts

On a Monogrammed Golf Ball

From the album: A Classic Country Club Wedding in Haddonfield, New Jersey

On Mini-Skis

From the album: A Homestead Wedding in Glen Arbor, Michigan

On Your Cake Topper …Even if Your Cake Topper Is a Monster!

From the albums: A Plaza Hotel Wedding in New York City; A Summer Woodland Wedding in Portland, Oregon

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