New Start-Up Rebloom Recycles Your Wedding Flowers (For A Good Cause!)

You’ve planned out the exact shade of peonies for your centerpieces and bouquets, but when you head to the honeymoon suite your flowers usually go into the trash. But Rebloom is changing that by making it easy to give your wedding flowers new homes.

Here’s how it works: Immediately after your wedding is over Rebloom comes to your venue, picks up your flowers and preps them overnight to be sold at a discount the next day. Once your flowers are sold the proceeds go to a charity of your choice. Right now they’re based in New York and expanding into Boston so if your wedding is coming up in either of those cities check it out if you’re looking for eco-friendly ideas and a way for your wedding to give back. See below for pretty photos of flowers that have been Rebloomed!

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