14 Dos And Don’ts To Sharing Your Honeymoon Photos


You’re going to take as many photos as humanly possible on your honeymoon, but before you go too crazy with it you’ll want to take a look at our list of tips first. Why? Well, it’s easy to get caught up in how much fun you’re having and throw the social cues you’d usually follow out the door (like you’d never consider posting a photo of the two of you in bed together on a regular day, right?). Just keep these tips in mind when you’re posting during and after your honeymoon and you’ll not only have an amazing record of all the things you did and saw, and your friends, family and followers will also enjoy following along, too!

1. DO wish your friends and family a fond farewell (but DON’T stay plugged in for the flight) 

Let your family and friends know you’re safely on your way and planning to tune out for the next few days with a goodbye selfie on the plane, train or car you’ll set off in. This is also the perfect moment to show your luggage with a new monogram!

2. DO take a selfie of your wedding bands (but DON’T wait until the end of the trip when it’s covered in sand and sunscreen)

Remember the excitement you felt when you took your very first ring selfie after you got engaged? This is really the last time you can show off your ring that shows your new status on social. Once you’ve been married for some time a ring selfie just doesn’t have the same effect. You can take it any time, but our tip for a great photo is to take it at the beginning. It’s normal on vacation for it to get a bit dirty, and you may not have a chance to clean it until you get home.

3. DO post plenty of activities shots (but DON’T post bedroom activities)

The fact that you’re doing much more than cuddling and kissing on your honeymoon is a given, so instead fill your feed with tons cool adventure shots to show everyone what else is going on during your honeymoon outside of the bedroom. We especially love underwater photos, views at the top of an amazing hike or even shots of a bustling market in a far-off city!

4. DO Take lots and lots of #selfies (but DON’T forget to post some posed shots too)

On a typical vacation you might have family or friends around that you can ask to help you get the perfect shot, but for your honeymoon where you’ll be alone it’s totally cool to post selfie couples’ shots instead of having all of your shots perfectly posed.

 5. DO write captions (but DON’T write every detail)

In other words: Don’t brag, because the photos are enough to make everyone jealous. So keep the long winded rave review about your luxurious five-star resort for those who ask and Trip Advisor. You’re going to have an amazing time on your honeymoon and everyone will be able to see that from your photos lying on a beach or seeing exotic animals up close and personal, and you want everyone’s reaction to be “how cool!” and not an eye roll.

6. DO capture your “firsts” (but DON’T go overboard)

No matter how big or little you’re going to be hitting a lot of married people milestones on this trip, so soak it up because you only get a first once.

7. DO pick 50-100 of your best and favorite photos and create an album on Facebook afterward (but DON’T post every photo)

You should definitely share some photos of your honeymoon right in the moment, but if you’re posting every five-minutes it might overwhelm your followers (trust us: you’ll enjoy having some time to relax and enjoy without your phone glued to your hand!). Once you’re back go through your photos, pick out your must-share and then save the rest for your personal album or a slideshow for your closest friends and family.

The Knot and Secrets Puerto Los Cabos partnered up to create fun, social honeymoon content for engaged couples. The story above was written 100% by The Knot. To learn more visit SecretsResorts.com

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