Top 7 Misconceptions From Our Favorite Wedding Movies (in GIFs!)

As much as we love these wedding rom-com classics full of ridiculous bridal parties and wedding planners that will make all your dreams come true, they’re not exactly true to life. Some of them depict wedding planning as it used to be (dad cutting a check at the end of the night isn’t the norm anymore) while others don’t even come close to reality. See what we’re talking about right here.

1.   The bride’s family controls the wedding. 

Top 8 Wedding Misconceptions |Tumblr|


The truth: As much as we love My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the idea that the bride would have no say in her wedding day (especially in her choice of wedding dress) is just for the movies.
Real life wedding advice: 5 People Who Might Try To Take Over Your Wedding (And What To Do)


2.   Every couple needs a “signature color.” 

Top 8 Wedding Misconceptions|Giphy|

Tumblr Via: Giphy

The truth: Gone are the days of the Steel Magnolias peptol bismol pink on pink weddings (thank god). Designing a wedding is all about evoking a theme and you do that through the venue you choose, the little details (like invites, flowers, and dresses), and an amazing color palette.
Real-life wedding advice: How To Find Your Wedding Style

3.   An unsuspecting someone is going to try to sabotage your wedding day. 

Top 8 Wedding Misconceptions|Tumblr|

Via: Tumblr

The truth: On occasion, we hear stories that involve cheating. But the maid of honor confessing her love to the groom the day of the wedding? Not so much.
Real-life wedding advice: 9 Tips To Choosing Your Bridesmaids

4.   Wedding planners follow you everywhere, including dance lessons and dinner.

Top 8 Wedding Misconceptions|Tumblr|

Via: Tumblr

The truth: Depending on the type of wedding planner you hire, he or she will be there for you throughout all of those big wedding planning moments. But that’s usually where it ends. Dinners with in-laws, dance lessons and anything unrelated to the wedding itself is off the table.
Real-life wedding advice: What Do Wedding Planners Do?

5.   At-home weddings are easy.

Top 8 Wedding Misconceptions|WiffleGif|

Tumblr Via: WiffleGif

The truth: There are countless logistical problems to solve when throwing an at-home wedding — none of which you saw in Father of the Bride. A few examples: portable bathrooms, flooring, extra electricity, heating or cooling, noise ordinances and the list goes on.
Real-life wedding advice: Secrets To Throwing An At-Home Wedding

6.  Everyone has a destination bachelorette party. 

The truth: Jumping into first class on a plane to party in Vegas with your closest girlfriends sounds like a blast (and destination bachelorettes are absolutely a thing), but this isn’t the norm. Most bachelorette parties are still night-on-the-town parties.
Real-life wedding advice: Bachelorette Party Planning Advice

7.   Planning an elaborate wedding over the course of a few days is totally possible.

Top 8 Wedding Misconceptions

Via: Tumblr

The truth: The average engagement period is anywhere between 12 and 14 months. And while throwing together a last-minute wedding is technically possible, it’s rare. (If this is you, we highly recommend a full service wedding planner!)
Real-life wedding advice: The Knot Wedding Planning Checklist

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