“The Bachelor” Alum Jamie Otis Got “Married at First Sight” (and Told Us All About It!)

Married at First Sight Jamie Otis: Married at First Sight / TheKnot.com Married at First Sight

New York City resident and 27-year-old labor and delivery nurse Jamie Otis isn’t used to pursuing love in traditional ways — she is a Bachelor Pad and The Bachelor alum, after all (Ben Flajnik’s season, if you’re trying to place her). But Jamie’s latest venture into finding her perfect match makes The Bachelor‘s ever nerve-wracking rose ceremony seem like a breeze, since she married her husband the moment she met him on a new show, Married at First Sight.

The show, a social experiment to the most extreme degree, follows the stories of six people who got legally married to their match the instant they first met, never even seeing a photo of the other!

So how were the three matches chosen? Four specialists — sexologist, Logan Levkoff, MD; spiritualist, Greg Epstein; psychologist, Joseph Cilona, MD; and sociologist, Pepper Schwartz, MD — created what they think are three perfect couples, based on scientific matchmaking.

“It wasn’t the expert’s level of professionalism or education that made me feel I could trust them,” Jamie told The Knot. “It was the honest conversations we had — especially sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, who I instantly felt a connection with. When she came to my home we just sat down and talked about everything in life. She promised me they weren’t just throwing people together for the show’s sake. The experts weren’t certain they would be able to find me — or anyone — a match, so when they called and told me they found someone for me, I was in complete shock!”

But having a “traditional” wedding  — the kind where you at least know your groom beforehand — didn’t matter so much to Jamie.

“The truth is, I never envisioned a traditional wedding for myself,” Jamie admits. “I didn’t have a father growing up, so I always knew I’d have to find someone else to walk me down the aisle. My mom is difficult to reach and I wasn’t sure she would even be able to make my wedding. That being said, nothing about my life is traditional, so why worry about having a traditional wedding?”

Some of Jamie’s friends tried to talk her out of marrying a stranger, but she didn’t listen to them, saying, “It definitely takes having an open mind to be a part of something like this.”

Jamie’s three sisters served as her bridesmaids and her little brother walked her down the aisle when she got married in NYC at the Westin Grand Central hotel. She didn’t have too much of a hand in planning her wedding, trying to “stay sane” leading up to her wedding day, which happened just a few weeks after the specialists found her future husband.

“I knew nothing about him before we met at the altar — not even his name!” Jamie says. “Initially, the whole thing was very awkward. I was in absolute shock for the entire reception. I would try to sneak into the bathroom to pull myself together, but I’d always end up running into a group of my husband’s guests.”

Until the show premieres tonight, we can only guess what happens to Jamie and her husband after their honeymoon and adjusting to newlywed life together.

“It was a genuinely intimate, personal and real experience. It’s been a life changing journey,” Jamie said.

Married at First Sight premieres July 8 at 9 p.m. on FYI.

Watch Jamie in the trailer here:

Want more? Right here!

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  • Sara
    07/11/14 at 10:39

    I feel really bad for Doug (the guy she was matched with) after watching the episode…

  • SocialObserver
    08/27/14 at 08:53

    I agree. Doug is a great guy but Jamie has too much childhood emotional baggage and a hidden agenda to be in show business. Did she say yes to marriage to increase her TV exposure time or to really find a good husband? Poor Doug, I think he could really love her but he’s going to get hurt by Jamie.

  • SocialObserver
    08/27/14 at 09:02

    The relationship between Monet and Vaughn needs an ESCAPE button. These two may have great one night stands but they are not a good match. That is the danger of this type of social experiment.

  • David
    07/17/14 at 08:06

    She’s looking for a Hollywood Contract, he’s looking for a date! Divorced at Second Sight.

  • 07/19/14 at 01:33

    I think Doug is a really nice guy, and she is a good girl, she needs to know that attractions grows and takes time.

  • Jack Stone
    07/22/14 at 09:37

    Jamie Otis thinks she is such a catch. I doubt if she is compatible with anybody.

  • Girlwquality
    08/03/14 at 08:53

    What were the “experts thinking” Since when is a guy who is below average looking and living with his parents a good match for anyone. Did he do anything to earn his keep at his parents or just mooch? Jamie is very attractive and a professional woman. He hit the jackpot and she got screwed! There should be a requirement that the man has his own place. Ridiculous!

  • Mollie
    08/17/14 at 08:17

    I think you need to take a step back and rethink what you just said..

    Yes, Doug lives at home. Did you watch the show because I’m pretty sure they said that he lost his job and that’s why he had to move home… YOU have no idea about his life, what he’s gone through and I’m sure there are legit financial reasons why he had to move home.

    Referring to your comment on his ‘below average look’… He may not be the hottest man who walked on earth but he sounds beautiful on the inside because of his great personality. She may be pretty on the outside but the way she acted initially, was flat out wrong and it seemed ugly to me. Looks do mean something but looks are not everything when it comes to a relationship. Does Jamie understand that Doug will watch this and hear everything she’s saying about him? He will be so hurt when he hears what she says about him. To me, she seems like a very shallow person. She hasn’t given him the time of day (2nd episode in) and has judged him 100% completely on his physical attraction. I hope she gets past her immature attitude towards him and can see Doug for his loving, caring personality.

    I think you’re extremely shallow to question the experts choice because he’s ‘unattractive’! You may think he is not attractive, but that’s your dumb opinion! Oh… And if Jamie was ‘professional’ like you say she is… She wouldn’t have cried in a corner because he didn’t meet her standards!

    There should be a requirement to let certain people, like you, post on this website.

  • Hugo
    09/05/14 at 10:28

    The real question should be what the experts were thinking when they put a gold-digger in the experiment. After two reality shows about catching a husband (of the variarity of rich ones) they should known better.

  • susan messmer
    08/28/14 at 11:34

    I don’t usually post things in places like this, but I can’t stop thinking about the lie that Doug told Jamie and how he swore on his mothers name while he lied to Jamie’s face! WOW! I DON’T have trust issues, but I might have a hard time trusting him after that. I wish that he would have just admitted that he had a cigarette and not have made it such a big deal. I feel sorry for them both. I hope that they figure it out. I like them both.

  • divaink
  • divaink
    08/29/14 at 02:53

    meaning i ilike them both too. Doug though went too far swearing on his mamma and i agree with jamie that type of lie is bodacious. However she should give him a get out of free card and just cross her fingers that he isn’t usually that way just for all the patience he has shown her even when she was acting like he nauseated her. doug no more drastic swear on your mamma type lies keep them little like “no you haven’t gained weight ” type that is as far as anyone should ever go.

  • divaink
    08/29/14 at 02:57

    Monet and Vaugh irritate me. They are cute and they both have those seductive type names. they are sexually compatible but they are both defensive and unrelenting.. Vaughn plays tit for tat. Monet plays no tit or tat. COOK FOR THE MAN GIRL!!!!!! Men like that. Vaughn stop demanding and sweet talk her into your needs fool. That’s it simple as that…..

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