Same-Sex Weddings By the Numbers (in Partnership With ‘The Advocate!’)

Gay Wedding Survey Kate McElwee Photography | Hayden Phoenix Photographer

It’s been an exciting past few months for marriage equality. Indiana and Utah legalized gay marriage and June marked the one-year anniversary that the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and Prop 8 was dismissed.

So in celebration of LGBT pride month, we just released our second annual same-sex marriage survey in partnership with The Advocate. Here, a snapshot of some of the most interesting stats from the study.

  • The words “commitment ceremony” and “civil union” are becoming scarcer: 82 percent of same-sex couples now use the word “wedding” on their invitations — up from 70 percent in 2013.
  • 38 percent of gay and lesbian couples will propose with a ring and the other 62 percent may exchange rings before or after the proposal.
  • 58 percent will have a formal proposal (compared with 94 percent of straight couples).
  • 91 percent of same-sex couples will see their partners’ wedding attire in advance.
  • 54 percent of gay and lesbian couples will keep their last names after the wedding.
  • 49 percent will write their own wedding vows (compared with 23 percent of straight couples).
  • 45 percent of gay and lesbian couples will take a traditional walk down the ceremony aisle.


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