21 Reasons Why Getting “Cheeky” in a Bridesmaid Photo Is a Bad Idea

Bridesmaids: Thinkstock / TheKnot.com Thinkstock

Many moons ago, someone decided that it would be funny to start a trend of brides and their bridesmaids showing off their derrieres in wedding photos. Pulling up dresses in front of your wedding photographer (who will later be snapping pics of your grandparents) just isn’t a trend we can get behind, even if your bootylicious backside rivals Beyonce’s.

Take it from us: Save it for the honeyMOON and read our roundup of reasons why you shouldn’t expose your tush in wedding photos — no ifs, ands or butts about it:

1. Because you’re not the little girl in the Coppertone sunscreen ads.

2. Do you really want your children and grandchildren to see photos of your naked behind?

3. It’s not cute if everyone lifts their dress up only to expose their shapewear.

4.  It doesn’t take much for photos to go viral these days, so your boss may recognize you if the picture winds up on a blog.

5. This is what your bachelorette party is for, not your wedding day in broad daylight.

6. What if it makes a bridesmaid really uncomfortable?

7. What happens if one of the bridesmaids chose to go commando that day? #Awkward.

8.  Your traditional grandma wanted you to wear white for a reason.

9.  Your wedding hashtag is suddenly going to get a LOT more interesting, which could lead to the worst thing ever…

10. …your social media accounts getting deleted…

11. …but not before you gain a ton of creepy new followers.

12. What if you have a man of honor or bridesmen?

13. Do you really want your husband to know what your friends’ butts look like?

14. And do you really want other people pinning your derriere on Pinterest? Because that’s where your photo will eventually end up.

15. Just another thing you have to add to your already massive to-do list: Buy underwear that will be comfortable enough for the wedding day and cute enough to be seen all over the Internet for ever and ever.

16. Cue “rump roast” jokes.

17. It was only cool to imitate Sisqo’s “Thong Song” in 1999.

18. Your honeymoon lingerie was just wasted on your mom, dad, uncle, niece, stepmom, grandparents and brother.

19. Another reason to add squats to your prewedding workout… and no one likes squats. No one.

20. “Baby Got Back” is a song, not a wedding photo suggestion.

21. Because you know the photos will resurface for #TBT, #FBF or #WCW.

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  • 06/27/14 at 01:57

    I couldn’t agree more. Not my style at all!

  • 06/27/14 at 04:43

    This is a fucking ignorant post. I think bridesmaids can do whatever they want and express themselves however they choose. What’s really repulsive is the reasons you made up. Who gives a shit if they want to show their ass.
    You’re a judgemental prude.

  • NonnyMuss
    06/27/14 at 05:02

    With that mouth, you clearly ARE the type that would engage in that sort of behavior. If you can find someone to marry you, then have at it, and I’ll see the backside of you on Pinterest. Pin pin pin…

  • Christine
    06/28/14 at 11:56

    It’s called having class. Any bride or bridesmaid who does this “trend” has none. I’m not a prude. I fully support women posing nude for art sculptures, pregnancy photos, etc. but these photos are just emphasizing what how young women can act like drunk little hussies. It’s tasteless, and these women WILL regret it one day. There are a host of other poses, even ones that are suggestive, that are still humorous and have an appeal. This is just trash I’d expect to find in a Hustler magazine.

  • Mia
    06/27/14 at 06:02

    I didn’t know this was a thing – It’s definitely not going to happen at my wedding!

  • Syncytio
    06/27/14 at 06:24

    I’m struggling to see the “ignorance” in this article.

  • wdyc
    06/27/14 at 06:26

    i didn’t know freedom of choice was being cast down these days.

  • 06/27/14 at 08:26

    You’re free to choose to do whatever you want, and vicariously, your’e free to be ridiculed for your choice.

    Just like you were free to comment, and I’m free to laugh at your absurd comment that has nothing to do with the actual issue.

  • 06/27/14 at 06:32

    Having your social media account deleted (by your own willingness to do so I’m guessing) is the worst thing ever? Author got some priority issues.

  • Angelique
    06/27/14 at 06:52

    Love it. Not sure why or when this ever became a trend. I definitely don’t want my future husband seeing my friends/families rear end and I don’t want those pictures floating around my children and grandchildren. We don’t really make the best decisions these days. No one looks at the big picture or future of their actions.

  • 06/27/14 at 08:24

    Or, your photo will end up on an article on an article lumped in with a promo shot from a porno (the article in question, with the girls in the pink dresses, of the ones going commando was from the site “We Live Together”).

  • itstrue
    06/27/14 at 09:41

    It’s funny you posted this today – my boyfriend reads an all-guy message board and today someone created a post alllllll about these pictures. So unless you’re okay with the idea of thousands (probably more) of people seeing, sharing, critiquing and using these pictures of you and your bridal party, it may be best to keep your dress down.

  • Ervauna
    06/27/14 at 11:09

    1. So what.

    2. No, not really, and they don’t have to see it.

    3. Maybe they’re not trying to be cute or make you happy.

    4. So don’t share it on social media.

    5. Weddings can be whatever people want them to be. Including at night ;)

    6. Then she doesn’t have to do it. She has an option.

    7. She doesn’t have to be in the picture. Or she could be too. It’s just a butt.

    8. My grandparents are dead.

    9. I don’t “hashtag” my intimate moments. I’d advise other people not to either, but that’s also their choice.

    10. read 4 Again. Don’t post it on social media. Not every picture has to be shared.

    11. read 4

    12. What if I don’t care?

    13. Do I really care, if he chose to marry me, and not because I’m the only butt he’s seen out of my friends?

    14. read 4

    15. My underwear is already comfortable, and again SEE 4. JFC

    16. Let ’em roll.

    17. I don’t do things to be cool. I’m not running for prom queen…

    18. You can buy extra lingerie you know. It’s almost as if there’s a whole world of lingerie options these days… And I also don’t have to share them with my family and guests ;3

    19. Squats are good for your soul. But so is pizza, so show off that bubble bum, who cares.

    20. And you’re not the wedding photo police.

    21. see 4

  • Kat
    06/28/14 at 01:43

    number 13 Not only that, but I am sure he’s seen much more of my friends at the pool, whatever.

  • K.Weaver
    06/28/14 at 08:20

    It’s very easy to say, “Just don’t post the pictures to the internet”, but we all know that pictures get posted without your knowledge or permission. You think JUST the photographer is taking pictures? Any guest with a cell phone could–and probably would–be snapping pictures and posting them to Instagram and Twitter before the cake is cut. Once it’s out there, it’s out there for ever. And we know that prospective employers google potential hires. So go ahead and risk the job of your dreams by baring your butt.

  • 07/15/14 at 05:44

    Hahaha, Nicely put, Ervauna.

  • 06/28/14 at 10:27

    4 and 6 are the only ligit reasons on here. The rest are just symptomatic of a women-shaming culture. I’ll admit, I don’t like this trend at all. While some of the photos I’ve seen of this are kind of cutesy, others are just in poor taste. But here’s the thing – they aren’t my wedding photos so my opinion isn’t relevant. If all the bridesmaids are comfortable with this, then what do the rest of us care?

  • 06/28/14 at 01:24

    I like squats! But yes, stupid trend.

  • 06/28/14 at 02:50

    It’s hilarious how people are angry about this post. If you like the idea of showing your butt, show it. What’s wrong with The Knot giving some reasons not to do it? Jeez. (Wait, what am I saying? I’m surprised that people on the internet are easily offended?)

  • 06/28/14 at 06:21

    ^^what RandiBeeman said!

  • Jessica
    06/29/14 at 11:51

    People take offense to this ridiculous “article” because they’re fed up and tired of this shaming culture that has grown right along with the social media culture.

    It’s as if people like the author of this list aren’t content to just live their own lives, they have to make it their business to judge other people for something that isn’t hurting anyone.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that no one (certainly not any ladies in such photos) gives a flying crap what Ivy Jacobson on TheKnot thinks about their wedding photos. Or their dresses. Or their lingerie. Or their butts. Or what they do at their own parties.

    But yes, Ivy, please by all means post your sequel giving us 21 reasons to not do a garter toss. (It’s so scandalous!!! Do you really want your parents seeing your new husband with his hands on your leg???!!!!)

  • 07/15/14 at 05:38

    Hahaha, YES! I totally agree. If you are being “you” and having fun I don’t see the problem. I could see my bridesmaids doing something like this if it was a thing back when I got married (minus the posting it online part). It’s all about your personality and having fun. I think people are getting tired of being told their weddings have to be a certain way.

  • Liz
    06/30/14 at 01:26

    This is so tacky and extremely distasteful. Wedding pictures should be classy shots I’s be proud to put in my wedding album to remember my special day. I just don’t think this is appropriate for a wedding. Save it for the bachelorette party!

    *puts on her Irish*

    That said – If my photographer and/or any of my bridesmaids ever suggested this, it’d take a team of surgeons a week to peel them off the &%$#! wall.

  • Large Event Planner
    06/30/14 at 06:34

    The entire thing just screams no class, and “look at me”. No, I’m not a prude but wedding ass shots are simply tacky, inappropriate, and common.

  • Sandy
    07/01/14 at 12:48

    there’s a company that does this in a tasteful way–at least it provides really nice matching underwear for your bridesmaids… the company is called the enclosed. http://theenclosed.com/bridesmaid-present
    their stuff is really cute

  • 07/15/14 at 05:31

    While I think you should really think through your decision to post any photos on the internet, as a photographer, I’ve taken what I think is a pretty tasteful version of this photo/pose at a wedding. I won’t be posting it publicly and the ladies in the photo I took don’t intend to post it for the world to see. They were just being silly and having some fun and taking the photo as a fun memory of themselves during the final moments before the bride says her vows. The audience is each other and the photo is a reminder of their fun-loving side. To tell you the truth if I found a photo like that of my grandmother from her wedding, I’d think “Wow, my gramma is pretty bad-ass.” LOL I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Have fun and be you! :)

  • 08/02/14 at 10:22

    Haha, oh this made me smile but then the comments made me snort my drink! Love it :)

    Sara @ http://www.simplenewz.com

  • Natasha Cassick
    10/25/14 at 02:21

    How dare you at the knot tell a bride that their idea is stupid….BE YOU!!!! Next thing you know, they’re gonna have a post about why it’s “tacky” to not wear anything other than high heels under your dress…if anyone is looking for an awesome website, offbeatbride.com!!

  • Adorian
    10/25/14 at 02:48

    Maybe the author’s intent wasn’t necessarily trying to tell the bride what is appropriate or inappropriate to do at her wedding, but to allow the bride to make a completely informed decision on the matter with thoughts the bride may not have considered when making her decision. It is great if everyone is happy and completely comfortable with the now and long term of taking a cheeky photo, but not so much so if everyone is happy and comfortable in the now (or pretending to be to save face) and not happy and comfortable in the long term. Sometimes it takes hearing an opinion in the extremes to really define how you truly feel about it.

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