Is ‘The Bachelor’ Star Juan Pablo Galavis Engaged to Nikki Ferrell?

Juan Pablo Galavis: Instagram / Nikki Ferrell; Juan Pablo Galavis

The Bachelor (and former professional soccer player) star Juan Pablo Galavis showed his World Cup pride on June 19 — and possibly an engagement ring to go with it. Juan posted a photo on Instagram of his hand along with girlfriend Nikki Ferrell’s left hand checking soccer players’ stats, and Nikki was wearing a ring on that finger.

Juan captioned the photo, “PERFECT night… She is CHECKING on the players and she HAS her favorites…”

While he does have a habit of CAPITALIZING random WORDS on social MEDIA, maybe his use of the word PERFECT is alluding to more than just a soccer win.

Nikki’s ring looks like one stone flanked by two smaller stones on a gold band, but in an Instagram picture she posted several weeks ago, it looks like she could be wearing the same ring on her right hand.

Making us even more confused, Nikki posted a new romantic photo three days ago looking into Juan’s eyes and said, “Don’t mind us, we’re just off in our own world here. Te extraño mucho @juanpagalavis #myheart.”

It looks like she may be wearing a ring in the photo, but it’s a little too blurry to tell. Our eyes are on your ring finger, Nikki!

See the pics here:

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