8 Cute Animal Wedding Photos

You may not think weddings and animals go well together, but these pictures prove how fun and romantic it can be to include some super-cute four-legged friends into your wedding day, whether it’s your pet, a nearby farm animal or hosting a petting zoo for kids. Sure, animals can be unpredictable, but they can also bring out your playful side and make for a very memorable wedding photo. See these unique wedding pictures that include animals (like a pig and even a rooster!).

A Pig on a Leash Bridal Portrait

From the album: A Forest Park Wedding in St. Louis

A Bride and Her Best (Furry) Friend

From the album: A Tower House Wedding in Chilmark, MA

A Casual Cat at the Ceremony

Unexpected Animal Wedding Photos | Vitalic Photo | Blog.TheKnot.com

Vitalic Photo

From the album: An Ernest Hemingway House Wedding in Key West, FL

A White Stallion

From the album: A Romantic Outdoor Wedding in Dade City, FL

Goofing Off With Goats

Unexpected Animal Wedding Photos | Sara Wight | Blog.TheKnot.com

Sara Wight

A Bunny Petting Zoo for the Kids

Unexpected Animal Wedding Photos | Megan Thiele | Blog.TheKnot.com

Megan Thiele

A Regal Rooster Portrait

Unexpected Animal Wedding Photos | Pat Furey Photography | Blog.TheKnot.com

Pat Furey Photography

A Curious Cow

Unexpeted Animal Wedding Photos | Lauryn Byrdy | Blog.TheKnot.com

Lauryn Byrdy

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