You Won’t Believe What Harry Styles Asked This Bride (Watch!)

Harry Styles: Just Jared / Just Jared; Tash Gershfield

If Harry Styles asked you not to go through with your wedding and marry him instead, some heartbreaking things could happen for your current groom — depending on how big of a One Direction fan you are!

Tash Gershfield is a huge One Direction fan who received a special swoon-worthy video surprise on her June 8 wedding from the ever-charming Harry. She posted it on Instagram with the caption, “@harrystyles a video from the one and only harry which was played at my wedding!!!!!!! #harrystyles #onedirection #wedding #1D #personalvideo #love.”

In the clip, Harry says, “You don’t have to go through with this. It’s not too late, I’m going to be waiting at Orli’s in Borehamwood for the next three hours. If you don’t come I’ll understand but that’s where I’ll be.”

Tash told E! of the surprise, “I’m a massive One Direction fan, and Harry is my favorite and always has been. During my husband James’s speech, he told me he wanted to put me through a little test to see how much I really loved him. He then got my friend Alex to project the video of Harry up on the wall for all 250 guests to see. Of course, knowing it was a little joke, I stayed and everyone cheered.”

And for those who were just as curious as I was, Orli Bakery is a UK “family owned Kosher Bakery and Delicatessen specialising in freshly baked speciality breads such as bagels, platzels, Bulka bread, and our world famous Challah.”

So now we really know more about what Harry likes: bread and brides — a truly awesome combo.

Watch the video here:

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