This Groom Will Wear the Comfiest Tux Ever (Made by Lululemon!)

Lululemon Tux: Lululemon / Lululemon

If you told your groom in all seriousness that he could get married in workout clothes, chances are that he’d meet you at the altar in gym shorts and a T-shirt.

But groom-to-be and Lululemon forum member Todd took his wedding tuxedo into his own hands when he didn’t want to be hot on his wedding day.

He posted on the yoga and athletic apparel company’s forum in December last year with the subject line “How about a Lulu Suit or Tux” and said, “How many people hate to dress up because they get WAY TOO HOT and uncomfortable. I for one do. I’m engaged and getting married soon… LULU DESIGN MY TUX! My bride-to-be has been on her wedding dress kick lately and it got me thinking, what am I going to wear? I started thinking about the time I stood up as a groomsman, hot and sweaty, and it legit made me nervous. That’s when I thought to myself, if ONLY Lulu made a suit or a tux! It would save my life. I could Say YES, greet guests, and dance all while staying cool and allowing me to actually move.”

A Lulu representative asked him when his wedding was (this coming December), and a designer got right to work on the “Todd Tux.” She described it as having “Embroidered labels, flask pocket, cigar pocket, reflective pocket square… The fabric is four-way-stretch, wicking and breathable, so it doesn’t really wrinkle, but it looks a little softer than most suits.”

No word on whether or not the “Todd Tux” will be able to be purchased in the future — but imagine if they sold wedding dresses too!

Here’s the finished product — what do you think?

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