‘Full House’ Star Dave Coulier Is Engaged!

Dave Coulier: Dave Coulier / TheKnot.com Dave Coulier

Make that two Full House weddings coming up! Not only is Mary-Kate Olsen engaged, but so is Dave Coulier, aka Uncle Joey!

Dave is engaged to producer/photographer Melissa Bring after dating for nine years, which means she had plenty of time to fall in love with his Bullwinkle and Popeye impressions. The couple will wed on July 2 in Montana and will provide a chance for a Full House reunion, reports People. 

Be on the lookout for close friends and costars John Stamos, Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin and Candace Cameron Bure in attendance. And if Joey has learned anything from Uncle Jesse, it’s not to go skydiving on his wedding day and land in a tomato truck (my memory for Full House episodes is scarily good).

“Melissa has been my best friend since I met her nine years ago,” Dave told Us Weekly. “I feel like the luckiest man on the planet. I get to marry my best friend, and she doesn’t mind that I have a really bad gas problem.”

Uhhh, Dave… please cut it out.

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