These Oregon Wildfire Wedding Photos Are Unbelievable

Wildfire: Josh Newton / Josh Newton

When there’s a wildfire headed toward a wedding, most brides’ and grooms’ instincts would be to say a few choice four-letter words and run like the wind, but not April Hartley and Michael Wolber. The couple’s Bend, Oregon, wedding almost went up in flames since the Two Bulls wildfire spread near their Rock Springs Ranch ceremony.

Right before April and Michael’s ceremony, a fire truck arrived at their venue. “It was like a movie,” Michael told The Oregonian. “We saw a fire truck roll up with sirens blaring.” Everyone was told to evacuate.

“I remember looking at the pastor saying . . . I have to marry April today, and I have to marry her here,” he told a local news station.

The firefighters had a change of heart and allowed a very quick ceremony to take place. While the guests were traveling to a backup reception site at Drake Park, the couple’s photographer posed the newlyweds in front of a breathtaking backdrop for some photos before they evacuated.

Michael told the newspaper that it was “the most beautiful ceremony either of us could have ever imagined. We showed up to Drake Park as if the whole plan all along was for us to get married and celebrate down there.”

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