This Video Will Make You Reconsider Taking Wedding Photos on a Dock (Watch!)

Dock Collapse: MegJanae / MegJanae

Wedding photo shoots on a dock are usually romantic and rustic — and don’t end with a bridal party in the water. However, Jackie and Dan Anderson got cold feet on their wedding day, only because they took an unplanned dip in a Minnesota lake before their vows!

An hour before their ceremony, the couple and their wedding party lined up on a dock in Crosslake to take pictures, but the old dock collapsed under the weight of 21 people, sending everyone into the lake! Luckily, it was shallow where everyone fell in — and the bride even had a sense of humor.

Videographer Megan Fritze caught it all on film and told ABC News, “[Jackie] looked up with the biggest smile in the world. She was literally laughing out loud and just smiling. The first thing she said was, ‘Did you record that? Please tell me you got that on camera!’ I thought, ‘This is a really cool bride. An hour later, you couldn’t even tell that anyone had gotten wet. The bride was absolutely stunning — in and out of the water.”

What’s even funnier is that you can also see some of bridesmaids peace out immediately!

Watch the video here:

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