Serena Williams Crashed a Wedding (Wearing a Leopard-Print Leotard!)

Serena Williams: Instagram / Serena Williams

While it’s not unusual for celebrities to crash weddings, it is a little out of the ordinary to do so in a leopard-print leotard on a beach. Serena Williams has never been one to be shy, however, so when she was on vacation in Miami and saw a couple getting married on the shore, she got right in on the action.

The tennis pro hopped into a picture with the bride and groom and took more with various members of the wedding party, all while yelling, “Wedding crasher!”

Hey, if you’re going to crash a wedding in a skimpy leotard, you have to own it, right? She even posted a few wedding crasher photos on her Instagram, captioning one, “Wedding crasher!! Congrats!”

See them below:

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