10 Brides Who Didn’t Wear Heels

Brides who didn't wear heels | blog.theknot.com

There’s nothing like an amazing pair of shoes to complete your wedding look – and while heels are definitely the most popular choice, they aren’t the only pretty option to pair with your wedding dress. We’ve seen brides rock flats, cowboy boots and even sneakers (yes, really!) on their wedding day and totally pull it off. These brides prove that anything goes on your wedding day as long as you’re confident and comfortable.

Sarah’s Studded Flats

From the album: A Lost Poblanos Historic Organic Farm Wedding in Albuquerque, NM

Kristy’s High-Top Converse

From the album: A Relaxed Elegant Wedding in Windsor, OH

Meghan’s Mint Lace TOMS

Kathryn’s Cowboy Boots

From the album: A Peacock Inspired Rustic Wedding in Pomfret, CT

Rhianon’s Running Shoes

From the album: A Clock Tower Events Wedding in Denver, CO

Angela’s Blue Flats

From the album: A Romantic Conservatory Wedding in Columbus, OH

Ashley’s Studded Velcro High-Tops

Courtney’s Red Polka Dot Flats

From the album: A Music-Inspired Wedding in Charlottesville, VA

Caitlin’s Pearl Beaded Flats

From the album: A Rustic Autumn Wedding in Cambria, CA

Irene’s Sage Cut-Out Flats

From the album: A Whimsical Summertime Wedding in Shelby Township, MI

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What are you doing differently for your wedding?
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  • 05/30/14 at 09:27

    For our wedding, we’re mixing things up a few ways! My favorite is that we aren’t having floral centerpieces, but rather geometric shapes which we’ll DIY.
    Great post about the heel-alternatives. Those are all really cute shoes!

  • 05/30/14 at 09:30

    I am totally rockin hounds tooth flats. Roll Tide !

  • kathy harmon
    05/30/14 at 09:50

    having a double wedding with my sister

  • Amanda
    05/30/14 at 10:00

    We’re using sustainable materials for our whole wedding. Growing succulents and flowers for the floral arrangements, terrariums and bouquets and replanting everything when we’re done. Instead of a unity candle we’re planting a tree and transplanting it when we buy a house sonit will grow with our marriage.

  • Courtney Bosch
    05/30/14 at 10:06

    We plan to have a photo booth at our wedding to allow guests to goof around with pictures and props! I’ll also have time at the cocktail hour for selfies with me and the groom for anyone that wants to partake. Our theme is all about fun!!

  • Hannah
    05/30/14 at 10:11

    We put ourselves on a very strict budget. I had to find an affordable venue that included a lot of extras, plus spend hours upon hours DIY-ing everything from my invitations, to my garter and wedding programs. I even spent less that $500 on my entire wedding ensemble from top to bottom.

  • diacorona
    05/30/14 at 10:17

    We are having a country picnic theme. The flowers will be wildflowers, we will have decorative picnic tables and serve BBQ.

  • Michelle S
    05/30/14 at 10:19

    We are planting a tree in the park we are getting married at.

  • Adrienna J.
    05/30/14 at 10:42

    We’re growing our own flowers!

  • 05/30/14 at 11:02

    My 5 year old baby sister is my flower girl! No flower petals in a basket but she’ll have a flower crown! She is my little princess!

  • Kris
    05/30/14 at 11:16

    Eloping to Vegas, reception back home in a beautiful country Barn.

  • Leslie
    05/30/14 at 11:20

    I’m going to have both my grandfather and dad walk me down the aisle, as they both have played such an influential role in my life! :)

  • Heather Richey
    05/30/14 at 11:21

    I’m still trying to decide between heels and wedges, but am looking for the perfect pair! Thanks for sharing some inspiration!

  • Heather Richey
    05/30/14 at 11:23

    Also, we are growing our own lavender to use sprigs at the place settings and making bar signs out of used wine corks!

  • Caitlin B
    05/30/14 at 11:22

    Very casual, groomsmen are wearing dark jeans, bridemaids and I are wearing cowboy boots with our dresses. There is going to be Bocce ball and Cornhole games set up to keep everyone entertained and have fun.

  • Amy Arend
    05/30/14 at 11:23

    We are DIYing as much as we can of it – invitations, escort cards, centerpieces, cake topper, etc. and now I’m considering not wearing heels either! These shoes are adorable!

  • michelle
    05/30/14 at 11:24

    I have 2 years to plan my wedding and I don’t even know where to start! lol. I think I will be wearing flats instead of heels though :) I want myself and all my guests to be comfortable and have an awesome time!

  • 05/30/14 at 11:26

    I love Flip Flops so I got these super cute Betsy Johnson flip flops with rhinestones on them. They are silver and super comfy too!

  • Jessica Aminto
    05/30/14 at 11:26

    Due to a unique family situation, I have incorporated all three of my fathers into the ceremony and doing a father daughter dance with all of them. It will be nice to give them all their special moment with me on the big day!

  • Katie
    05/30/14 at 11:26

    We are having a late summer wedding (9-19-15). For my shoes I am DYI-ing ivory peep toe pumps with cobalt blue gems to make our wedding colors, so the gift card would help me find the perfect ivory peep toe pumps!

  • Lucy W.E.
    05/30/14 at 11:28

    Cowboy boots with an attached dog tag inscribed with the wedding date and our initials. Beach themed centerpieces with a tall candle in a vase with sand and sea glass we have collected over the years and a horse and carriage (that the groom doesn’t know about yet)

  • 05/30/14 at 11:30

    no cake for us! my mom’s homemade pies are a staple for holidays and birthdays, so pie it is for our wedding day, too!

  • Paula
    05/30/14 at 11:30

    I’m having a baseball themed wedding. Baseball stitches on my shoes, cake, and centerpieces. We are giving out baseball cards from the year we met.

  • 05/30/14 at 11:30

    For our unity ceremony we are planting a tree in a pot and will then plant it at our new house that we will hopefully buy right after the wedding!
    By the way, thanks for the shoes inspiration.. I am not a heels girl so I’ve been trying to figure out my alternative!

  • Andrea
    05/30/14 at 11:32

    We are doing and impromtu. Having 30 friends join us at a local duck pond and doing a quick ceremony. No decorations, just us and them and everyone is required to wear running shoes just in case the cops try to make us move on since its a public place. Its just a joke but really cute and funny.

  • Karen Keough
    05/30/14 at 11:34

    We will be arriving to our cocktail hour by boat!

  • 05/30/14 at 11:36

    We are using our kids (dogs) in our wedding =)

  • 05/30/14 at 11:37

    Love this post! I never really thought about much for my wedding but I’ve always wanted my dress to have pockets and to wear Converse down the aisle. I’m getting what I dreamed of marring my best friend, pockets on my dress and we will both be wearing red Converse. =)

  • Melanie Blais
    05/30/14 at 11:38

    We are mixing the colors sunflower and plum, having a rustic VT wedding, with artificial sunflowers. Rustic but still the classic Catholic wedding

  • Jillian
    05/30/14 at 11:40

    Not wearing a veil.

  • 05/30/14 at 11:40

    I am wearing lacey flats in ivory. I have two pairs to decide from. I am gong to be comfortable all night

  • Dallanna
    05/30/14 at 11:40

    Breaking out of my “traditional catholic wedding” and doing my own thing at an awesome ballroom which used to be a theatre! Which will host ceremony and reception which will be all decked out in my dahlias I am currently growing I’m my backyard!(:

  • Malerie Gonzalez
    05/30/14 at 11:41

    Were having our wedding at knotts berry farm, so im gonna have snoopy at my wedding, how cool is that? These r great shoe ideas…since im still deciding what to wear on my feet. My sis says im not allowed to wear sneakers

  • Stephanie Green
    05/30/14 at 11:42

    We are wanted to be different with our unity ceremony. We have a son together so we will have a ceremony where will be giving our son a gift he can have on is wedding day and vows to let him now how important he is to us.

  • Jennifer Gaines
    05/30/14 at 11:43

    For my wedding on 5/2/14 my best friend and I went to a local bead store together where I chose a variety of different gems, beads and stones (including a 2 diamond encrusted crosses). Most of the beads I chose had meanings like purity, longevity, spirituality and love. My BF then took all these beads and created the most beautiful foot jewlery for both my feet. Since our wedding was on the beach in Mexico, I wore the foot jewelry all night!

  • Elysse Powers
    05/30/14 at 11:45

    Something we are doing differently is I’m not wearing heels either! Not sure of the shoes I want to wear yet, but definitely flats :)

  • Chelsea
    05/30/14 at 11:46

    We are doing a few things differently!! We are using varying size lanterns on all tables for the reception. Instead of the usual sand or unity candle we are doing the blessing of the hands and original “tying of the knot” ! Also instead of slow music for the processional we are using fun music to set the mood of the wedding early!! Can’t wait till August 10th!!

  • Crystelle Dalla Betta
    05/30/14 at 11:51

    Blue converses for the “something blue”!

  • angelface0821
    05/30/14 at 11:51

    I love when couples add personal touches to their special day! We’ve just gotten engaged and haven’t begun the planning yet – we’re working on moving out of state, first. (One major life change at a time) I moved from the Northeast to live with him in the South last year and now we’re looking for the perfect place to live together that incorporates our personalities and lifestyles/desires. We definitely have a lot to draw from, to make our day a little different. We met in Vegas and got engaged in a casino in Mississippi, so perhaps we’ll pull a tiny casino theme into the event, but I’m leery of it becoming kitschy.
    ~ Best wishes to Andrea (above) Stay out of jail!!

  • 05/30/14 at 11:57

    I’m rocking some betsey johnson sparkly flats!

  • Megan
    05/30/14 at 11:58

    Peep toe flats or cowboy boots! Such a hard decision.

  • 05/30/14 at 12:01

    This post is great! I love seeing brides show how unique they are. I definitely want to incorporate something different and fun for my wedding. I am thinking of having my bridesmaids wear a dress they own all in the same color, do BBQ for food, and wear comfy but cute flat shoes. I love the idea of a casual, simple, but elegant affair.

  • Emily Claire Luttrell
    05/30/14 at 12:03

    I’m having 5 flower girls and 5 ring bearers! (All of my nieces and nephews.)

  • 05/30/14 at 12:04

    Our favors is one of the many things. We are giving everyone a burlap bag that has beef jerky and honey sticks. <3

  • Emily
    05/30/14 at 12:05

    I am wearing flat Betsey Johnson ivory sandals. They are gorgeous and comfortable and have a blue bottom! They also have crystals on the front strap.

  • Caitlan
    05/30/14 at 12:16

    I am wearing lace toms since I am terrible at walking in heels. I’d say the biggest thing that’s different about our wedding is that we’re having two since my family is in Washington and his in Virginia and we have budgeted ourselves really well so far!

  • Rachel
    05/30/14 at 12:20

    Our wedding is all about things that we love. We are incorporating family, friends, baseball, disney and so many other things that we love. What makes our wedding unique, is that we are having a “7th inning stretch” while my father and I dance (I am bringing our Yankee jerseys to surprise him) and all of our guests will have a change to get up, move around, and munch on some cracker jacks while we complete our dance, sing take me out to the ball game and start the YMCA.

  • Ashley Costanzo
    05/30/14 at 12:21

    We are having our ceremony at our home town church and our priest is actually the same one who married his sister!

  • Danielle Dougherty
    05/30/14 at 12:25

    I am not wearing the traditional white gown, or even a blush gown!!! I am wearing a pale blue gown on my wedding day!

  • AmandaS
    05/30/14 at 12:25

    Well, we are not cake people so we are having pie instead of cake, I am also having both my parents walk me down the aisle, and having a family marriage tree instead of a unity candle or anything of that nature. Our guest book are going to be a Giant Jenga set. I’m also wearing wedges down the aisle and cowgirl boots for the reception so I can two step the night away!

  • Megan B
    05/30/14 at 12:28

    My fiance and I are the same height, so I will definitely be wearing flats for our wedding. It would be amazing if I could win the gift card since we don’t have money in our budget for new shoes.

  • dana
    05/30/14 at 12:28

    any detail that allows your personality shine through gets major thumbs up!!! It is your day and you make make whatever you want of it! The more different the better. xo

  • 05/30/14 at 12:34

    Polka dotted dress and flip flops for a beach wedding!

  • Liz
    05/30/14 at 12:35

    Using beautiful silk flowers and wooden anchors instead of flower centerpieces to avoid spring allergies

  • Melissa
    05/30/14 at 12:45

    We can’t wear heels because I’m getting married in a garden and don’t want to sink in the grass!

  • 05/30/14 at 01:00

    For one, I am not wearing heels either :) I’m wearing a pair of navy blue flats. In lieu of floral centerpieces and decorations we are using photos of us, candles, and pretty postcards and prints with fun quotes/phrases. We are having gluten free cheesecake. I’ll be wearing a head piece instead of a veil, etc. Love these personal touches that show our personalities and the concept of doing weddings differently! I am all for changing things up and doing your own thing.

  • Madeline Roberts
    05/30/14 at 01:00

    I also wore flats at my wedding two weeks ago – great decision! Instead of typical escort cards, we used records, spray painted them gold, and created a custom label with a band name and our guests’ names as the “songs.” We also used wish lanterns instead of a customary guest book.

  • Lynn
    05/30/14 at 01:01

    Our dog will be walking down the aisle with us!

  • Katie
    05/30/14 at 01:06

    Wow, great ideas everyone! We’re incorporating travel into our theme since we met in England, fell in love in the US, and currently live in the Caribbean. We’re not doing the bouquet toss (I feel like the older you get, the more embarrassing it is to force your single girl friends up there) or the garter toss (I do NOT want one of his guy friends keeping something that’s been up on my leg all day). I haven’t made up my mind yet on shoes-I love flats & heels!

  • 05/30/14 at 01:07

    We’re incorporating many cultural traditions into our ceremony & reception, so that all of our family members feel included. We’re also thinking of using some of our favorite photos to decorate the cocktail hour & inspire our guests to relax & take some goofy pictures of their own :)

  • 05/30/14 at 01:19

    I’m going to be wearing cowboy boots with detaling done in the main wedding colour – tiffany blue. We’ve also started throwing around the idea for our toddler son to walk me down the aisle.

  • Jessica
    05/30/14 at 01:19

    We are doing MANY things unconventionally! But as far as shoes go, I’m wearing silver Converse low tops!

  • Kathleen Brown
    05/30/14 at 01:21

    Unfortunately I’m too short to not wear heels, but on the dance floor I’m wearing flip flops

  • Amanda
    05/30/14 at 01:22

    Definitely will be rocking some comfortable flats for the big day…just haven’t found the perfect ones yet! I am big on DIY so I will be making all the favors by hand etching 100 stemless wine glasses and creating a beautiful biodegradable backdrop for our DIY photobooth! Can’t wait!!!

  • Dee
    05/30/14 at 01:23

    We’re having a projection of a track on the dance floor because our theme is ‘Love and Track’….we’re passionate track and field former athletes and now coaches.

  • D'Anna DeLeon
    05/30/14 at 01:29

    Instead of just my dad walking me down the aisle I will have both my mom and dad meet me halfway down the aisle and they both walk with me the rest of the way.

  • 05/30/14 at 01:31

    Instead of just my dad walk me down the aisle I will have both parents waiting for me halfway d

  • 05/30/14 at 01:35

    Please delete…I thought my first comment didn’t post

  • Maria
    05/30/14 at 01:35

    can’t say that I have a specific shoe in mind yet, but I know that they will be emerald green! Love the polka dot peep toe flats though…cute and funky to match the vans

  • Jen
    05/30/14 at 01:37

    My groom and I love these things called long johns from a local bakery, essentially they are donuts but a million times better. So our wedding cake will be made solely with these long johns! Yummm :-). Also we will be wearing customized chuck Taylor’s in our wedding colors with “bride” and “groom” embroidered on the back.

  • Meghan Loftus
    05/30/14 at 01:44

    We’re having pie instead of cake, and skipping as much “traditional” stuff (bouquet toss, garter toss, etc.) as possible to leave more time for dancing!

  • 05/30/14 at 01:59

    I’d wear comfortable shoes

  • Megan
    05/30/14 at 02:02

    I am wearing hand painted flats from my fiancé for our wedding specifically, with pictures of our favorite video games!

  • Kate
    05/30/14 at 02:21

    We are going to have a photo book guest book

  • Kai
    05/30/14 at 02:29

    I just bought the cutest Steve Madden gold and cork wedges for our beach ceremony, and matching gold flats for the reception. I can’t wait!

  • Julie Fleming
    05/30/14 at 02:38

    For my wedding, I am wearing blue sparkle TOMs. My fiance and I are also playing the beginning of our wedding song on guitar and then getting up to dance while our friends continue playing the song :)

  • Erica
    05/30/14 at 03:12

    We’re not having a bridal and groom party. No choosing friends over others! Just a MOH and best man

  • 05/30/14 at 03:17

    I’m wearing cowboys boots along with all of my bridesmaids to go with our beautiful rustic country themed wedding :)

  • Ashley
    05/30/14 at 03:18

    We got married at a youth summer camp right beside Lake Michigan and it was absolutely gorgeous. We had a “day at the beach” theme that was very relaxed, where guests could mingle and enjoy the beach, scenery, etc. We didn’t have much of a timeline, and it was nice to just relax with our guests and be in the moment with those closest to us after 2 years of planning.

  • Danielle Brackman
    05/30/14 at 03:20

    Love this article. My whole wedding party will be wearing cowboy boots!!

  • Elysse
    05/30/14 at 03:36

    We’re not doing the garter toss, and are including the entire audience in the bouquet toss. Also considering flats or wedges for wedding shoes! And we’re doing a receiving line, which apparently is rare :)

  • Rosie
    05/30/14 at 04:14

    I made my gown from ivory dupioni, and I looked and looked at stores and online for shoes and besides freaking out totally, I decided on some shoes I already have but adding fancy clips to them. shoes turned out to be the most time consuming!!! not to mention the time i spent looking for the fancy shoe clips with little diamond!

  • Emilie Miazga
    05/30/14 at 04:16

    I’m wearing different shoes too! Blue with some bling. We’re also making our reception into a 1920s speakeasy!

  • jen
    05/30/14 at 04:26

    We will be wearing flip flops, with a pinecone theme!

  • Charlotte W
    05/30/14 at 05:23

    I’ll probably go barefoot

  • Jessica Q
    05/30/14 at 06:35

    I’d love to go barefoot, but having an autumn wedding might not be the best time of year for no shoes…

  • Kayla hencsei
    05/30/14 at 08:03

    Lots of DIY touches and really casual New Orleans affair!

  • Jillian Schweitzer
    05/30/14 at 09:59

    My mother made my dress and I’m making a reusable bouquet.

  • Vay Wilson
    05/30/14 at 11:26

    My Fiancé and I will be having a morning ceremony followed by brunch reception, then heading off to our honeymoon with my son, 12, to Disney World. Can’t wait to start our lives together.

  • 05/31/14 at 02:08

    Custom light blue Converse with Mrs. M…..

  • Kay Massingill
    05/31/14 at 05:23

    We are getting married in a cave

  • Kathryn Webb
    05/31/14 at 09:36

    I am having a Sunday brunch wedding.

  • 06/03/14 at 02:48

    Flat shoes can look nice on a wedding as well and you can feel comfy !!!

  • Raelene
    06/09/14 at 08:28

    We are getting married in the snow, so I am wearing snow boots under my ballgown style dress complete with a hoopskirt, muff and fur cape. Loooooove snow!

  • 06/13/14 at 10:56

    Very rapidly this web page will be famous amid all blogging viewers, due
    to it’s good posts

  • Crystelle Dalla Betta
    07/12/14 at 06:48

    Broach or fabric bouquets. No real flowers. An no cake. Just cupcakes. I hate when things get wasted or die.

  • Michele
    07/12/14 at 08:34

    We are getting married on a Thursday ~ Still working out the rest of the details.

  • Lesley
    07/13/14 at 09:17

    I’m going barefoot for my ceremony in the beach and then I found a cute pair of sandals for the reception

  • Stephanie
    07/29/14 at 09:24

    I love different shoe ideas! I wore lavender flats I found online. I am not a heels person!!

  • 08/14/14 at 06:53

    Thanks for sharing, but I like to wear flat sandals…

  • monika
    10/17/14 at 08:15

    We are getting married on a rooftop (no church) with my brother who is getting ordained.

  • Erika
    02/18/15 at 08:09

    I wore these adorable white ugg moccasins. I had a New Year’s Eve wedding so it was freezing outside. The moccasins kept my feet warm and also had light blue thread–my sometbing blue! :)

  • Erika

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Escort cards are extremely easy to personalize and an excellent way to bring in your wedding day colors -- from calligraphed seating cards set atop a textured linen to apples tagged with each guest's name or small personalized bundles of lavender tied off with string. Other ways to display escort cards: Pin them to a clothesline, post them on a board covered in color-coordinated ribbon, or incorporate them into your cocktail hour using personalized stirrers tagged with guests' names.
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