6 Perfumes You Need for Your Summer Wedding

We know that this has been the longest winter ever, so you’re definitely looking forward to summertime, especially if you’re having a summer wedding! You’re probably almost done with your checklist, but you might not haven’t gotten your special wedding day scent just yet.

Ok, we understand if you have your go-to fragrance already. But we love the idea of wearing a new perfume, so every time you smell that scent after, you’ll remember your wedding (how sweet is that?). We’ve rounded up 6 beach-y perfumes that just smell just like summer (in a good way) that you can wear or share with your bridesmaids.



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1. Beach

As the name says, this is the beach perfume. It's a light scent with notes of jasmine, sea spray and mandarin, but that doesn't mean it's not powerful. Just a few spritzes will make you think you're relaxing in the sand with a margarita.

Shop it Here: Beach, $70, Bobbi Brown, Sephora.com

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2. Summer Sailing

Summer Sailing was inspired by, well, sailing and that's exactly what it smells like. With notes of cucumber water, sicilian bergamot and sea moss, this one smells just like a breeze near the ocean. If you're looking for something that makes you smell like you spend your weekends on a boat like an A-lister, this is the one for you.

Shop it Here: Summer Sailing, $59.00, CleanPerfume.com

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3. Hello

Having a bright summer wedding? This lemon-y fragrance will seriously change your whole mood. It's perfect if you know you'll be a little stressed on your wedding day. Just spray it on and you'll be all smiles.

Shop it Here: Hello Fragrance, $55, HarveyPrince.com

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4. Vanilla Summer

When your new groom kisses you at the altar, he'll wonder if you somehow got ready on an island. This perfume has notes of all the classic summer smells like pineapple, coconut and mango.

Shop it Here: Vanilla Summer, $58.00, Lavanila.com

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5. Sun

This is great for your summer wedding if you felt like winter was way, way too long. With orange zest and tangerine, you'll remember your wedding day any time you smell citrus.

Shop it Here: Sun Gorilla Perfume, $25.95, LushUSA.com

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6. Beso del Mar

This fragrance was inspired by sunsets in Mexico (how awesome does that sound?). With notes of lime, driftwood and agave, this fresh scent is perfect for any summer bride.

Shop it Here: Beso del Mar, $95, Spadaro.co

Want even more ways to get that summer-y essence on your wedding day? Burn some candles the night before or while you’re having brunch with your girls. They’ll relax you and prepare you for the day ahead.

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