This Couple’s Wedding Venue Was Changed Because of President Obama

Wales: Wales News Service / Wales News Service

The only person that can make you give up your wedding venue is pretty much the President of the United States, and well… he did just that to one Welsh couple, inadvertently.

President Barack Obama and other world leaders are visiting South Wales for a NATO summit in early September, which is when Christie Connolly and Sam Holland are getting married. However, their venue is at City Hall in Cardiff, which is near where President Obama will be dining that night.

Due to security and inevitable traffic congestion, the venue staff had to relocate the couple’s wedding to Lord Mayor’s Mansion House. There are two positives about the situation though: Their new venue is still gorgeous, and the couple kept a good attitude about it all.

“I got a letter through saying that because of the NATO summit, City Hall and the surrounding areas would be inaccessible,” Christie told the Daily Mail. “When I read the first paragraph of the letter I nearly fainted. I thought, ‘Oh God, we haven’t got the money to make new plans and it’s a little bit late as we’ve already booked stuff!’ but then I read the rest and was okay. They’ve decided to move all marriage bookings from City Hall to the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House. We’re going to have to reprint invitations and things like that. It was a little bit hectic at first but the registrar has been great and really helpful.”

Maybe the President will be so inclined to accept their invitation for a little cake, then?

“I sent an email through The White House website and said, ‘I understand this is just what happens when the leader of the free world comes to town and everything gets put on hold, but it’s okay because you, your wife and your secret service guys are welcome to come down for a bit of cake!”

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