See Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s Wedding Shower Photos (and Her Wedding Beauty Pic!)

Jill Duggar: Facebook / Facebook

Only 36 days until Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s wedding! Since their June 21 nuptials are so close, it was obviously time for a wedding shower with their family and friends. According to the Duggar family’s blog, the couple’s shower was thrown by their church fellowship.

The soiree was decorated with sweet pink and green decorations and signs, and included a matching cake and ice cream. Jill was also busy prepping her hair and makeup for her wedding day recently, taking a pic with her sisters Jessa, Jana, Jinger and Joy-Anna. We love their soft waves and nude lips!

See pictures from Jill and Derick’s wedding shower and the Duggar girls’ wedding beauty trial run here:

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  • 05/16/14 at 04:00

    You can’t deny, those Duggers make some beautiful babies! I just hope the couple have a happy and fullfilled life in what they wish for each other!

  • Cat
    05/16/14 at 04:14

    I was just thinking the same thing, ugh, they are all so damn good looking! :)

  • 05/27/14 at 02:01

    They are all truly lovely children – IMO – “MOST” beautiful Duggar girl is Jennifer – she will grow to be a knock out! And OH Josiah is so handsome.

  • Cindy
    05/29/14 at 07:26

    Dated 5 months an the only one she ever dated. Doesn’t make sense to me. An I’m sure in 9 months they’ll be a baby. Don’t bigness people believe in birth control. God also gave u common sense

  • Lina
    06/04/14 at 11:57

    That is how its all suppose to be…not dating and sleeping around and then marry in white dress which is a symbol of purity

  • Deb
    06/21/14 at 08:10

    Cindy, It doesn’t work for everyone, however: I met my husband April 18, Married him Aug. 30 the same year.. we ALWAYS put God 1st… It hasn’t always been perfect, but we are best friends.. That was almost 29 years ago and btw, everyone thought we would have kids right away… WRONG we had our 1st after almost 9 years and our 2nd after almost 16 years of marriage.. I wish Jill and Derick all Gods blessings..

  • 06/28/14 at 09:37

    Cindy, I guess you would prefer that Jill behave like Kim Kardashian? Sleep with every man on the west coast, then go half way around the world, with her illegit baby on her hip, and get married in a white dress?

  • xyz
    06/04/14 at 07:01

    A three month relationship with the only guy you’ve ever been with and THEN get engaged? Absolutely ridiculous.

  • 06/05/14 at 02:21

    Love the Duggar girls, they all are really beautiful and sweet. I am concerned though that not one of them is going on to college? How much education have these girls had – really?
    It seems like they are all raised to get married and have babies. No sports? The rigors and sacrifices of being athletic are helpful in character development as well….but I am guessing they couldn’t be on a crew team in a skirt. That’s another thing….what if one of them did want to go work, go to college, or wear pants or cut their hair would they be allowed to?? And I have to say, I raised a good, AND beautiful girl too….and she could hug or kiss her boyfriend in front of me….the side hug thing? kind of ridiculous. What do the girls (the big girls do for money???) are they given an allowance since none of them work outside of the home? And how do the other big girls feel about Jill and most likely Jessa, leaving the house, and leaving more cooking, and sibling raising to them? just seems a little restrictive and confining to me…
    although I do like the strictness and formality of the courtship relationships… Jill and Derick….

  • mimi
    06/12/14 at 10:12

    JIll HAS advanced her education and is in the process of becoming a mid-wife. The older girls are also trained volunteer firefighters and first responders in the event of natural disasters. They have NOT been just sitting around the house waiting for prince charming to come rescue them!

  • Fay
    06/06/14 at 05:37

    I love 19 Kids and Counting. Stay the course. You will not regret it. They are missing nothing not being a part of this old world. God bless. An example for young and old.

  • 06/14/14 at 08:29

    I agree whit you 100

  • Wallie
    06/13/14 at 06:42

    Beautiful girls – they weren’t raised to be spoiled brats and expect everything to be handed to them – they were raised with values and a work ethic – unlike the Kardashians. I’d much rather watch 19 Kids and Counting any day than the Kardashians and how they waste their money.

  • melissa
    06/21/14 at 10:46

    wow, Joy looks absolutely beautiful in that last picture. Congrats to Jill and Derick. They show true love

  • Ruth
    09/27/14 at 06:26

    The world would be a much better place if everyone followed the Bible the way the Duggars do! No teen pregnancies, No baggage. No exes to worry about!

  • 10/22/14 at 10:53

    the one thing that does bother me is it seems as if Derrick hasnt had to contribute anything to this marriage so far except himself…her parents are letting them live in a rent free house that they own….they paid for all the furniture and obviously the wedding will be paid by this day and age i think the groom should be helping pay his own way just dosent seem i saw last night after the show..that they are expecting a baby boy already..they just got married in June..i suppose the Duggars will be paying for the baby stuff too..clothes and furniture etc..just one persons opinion here..

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