5 Reasons Why You Want Prince Harry and Prince William on Your Wedding Guest List

Prince William and Prince Harry: Look.co.uk / TheKnot.com Look.co.uk; E! Online

You know what Prince William and Prince Harry look like at royal weddings (dapper, stately, regal), and now we know what they’re capable of in the US after reports surfaced of them twerking and eating barbecue at their friend Guy Pelly’s wedding in Memphis, Tennessee. Since this made us fall in love with them even more, we listed five reasons why William and Harry are among the most fun people you could have at your nuptials:

1. After Harry and William touched down in Memphis, they headed right to what’s most important about Tennessee: barbecue at Rendezvous.

2. Harry may have been warned to be on his best behavior at the wedding, but our favorite eligible bachelor still managed to twerk up a storm. “Harry hit the floor pretty much as soon as the band started playing and was twerking into the early hours,” reports The Mirror.

3. Just because the Duke of Cambridge is a father now doesn’t mean he can’t let loose with the wedding band. According to the outlet, he got on stage during “Shout” and was on the dance floor for a good portion of the reception. “Oh man, they wouldn’t let us stop,” says the lead singer of the band, Jimmy Church. “They kept saying ‘play another.’ Prince William said he wished we could play for another three hours. They were having a ball.”

4. The two also served as ushers in the wedding and were described as very casual and easygoing. Just what we love — a mix of British royalty and effortless Southern charm.

5. On Friday, the day of the rehearsal dinner, William and Harry managed to squeeze in a trip to Graceland to see Elvis’s home with the rest of the wedding party. Really…can they come visit more often?

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