You Won’t Believe What Happened When These Wedding Crashers Got Caught by the Bride!

Wedding Crashers: ABC / ABC

Let this be a lesson to wedding crashers everywhere: Never crash a wedding without being prepared to be called out by the bride and groom on Facebook and have your picture show up on a local news channel. No, really.

An anonymous wedding-crashing couple could have really used Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s help when they decided to eat, drink and dance the night away at Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly’s Jan. 18 wedding in Pennsylvania. The bride noticed the out-of-place couple at her reception at the Valley Forge Casino and Radisson Hotel when they were sitting with her family members.

“They were sitting at a table where it was just my cousins. I knew who I had sat at that table and knew they didn’t belong,” Krista told a local news station.

The hotel had the crashers escorted from the venue, but when Krista and Andrew saw the bold couple popping up in their wedding photos (even posing, waving and smiling for some!), they wanted to know who they were.

“We wanted to know if there was malicious intent or if they just wanted to party,” she says. So, she posted a picture of the duo on her local ABC News channel’s Facebook page and they eventually stepped forward to admit that their decision was all in fun, apologized and offered to buy her a wedding gift. Although Krista refused and accepted their apology, she’s upset that they’re in so many of her photos reserved for family and friends.

“I didn’t ever want to get them in trouble. I apologized to them for calling them out, but I did want to get the message out there that it wasn’t okay to do,” Krista says.

What do you think, Knotties? Would you have done the same?

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