6 Reasons To GIF-ify Your Wedding

We know what you’re thinking. You don’t want those silly clips that are floating on the internet lately anywhere near your elegant wedding. Hear us out, when done right (as in, with the help of a professional photographer) you can actually get some pretty and romantic GIFs that you won’t regret having years down the road. To pull off these GIFs a photographer will take a series of shots from one pose or moment and  loop them together to create a stop motion effect (kind of like a digital flip book!). Steal ideas for your own wedding GIF from some of our favorites below.

1. GIFs give you the perfect reason to try out all those crazy poses you might have avoided otherwise.

2. You can do so much more with props!

3. You’ll have a reason to take as many funny face photos as you want.

4. You can really take advantage of your setting.

5. You can relive that moment that made you laugh or smile on a loop.

6. You can create cool effects with glitter, sparklers and even your veil!

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