6 Reasons To GIF-ify Your Wedding

We know what you’re thinking. You don’t want those silly clips that are floating on the internet lately anywhere near your elegant wedding. Hear us out, when done right (as in, with the help of a professional photographer) you can actually get some pretty and romantic GIFs that you won’t regret having years down the road. To pull off these GIFs a photographer will take a series of shots from one pose or moment and  loop them together to create a stop motion effect (kind of like a digital flip book!). Steal ideas for your own wedding GIF from some of our favorites below.

1. GIFs give you the perfect reason to try out all those crazy poses you might have avoided otherwise.

2. You can do so much more with props!

3. You’ll have a reason to take as many funny face photos as you want.

4. You can really take advantage of your setting.

5. You can relive that moment that made you laugh or smile on a loop.

6. You can create cool effects with glitter, sparklers and even your veil!

Want more? Of course you do!

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  • 04/24/14 at 01:38

    Reblogged this on The Life & Times of a Realist Bride and commented:
    Our photographer is featured on The Knot Blog! Here is the GIF he made of Joey and I during our engagement photos: http://jlbwedding.tumblr.com/post/83726814797

  • 04/25/14 at 11:14

    There is very little difference for the past few years between what photographers can do and what videographers can do. In this case you are asking a photographer to string stills together to create a pseudo-motion video (much like some of the newer photo booths at weddings). Videographers have long had the same facility to be able lift stills from full motion video. For the last two years, I have taken about 150 stills lifted from the video as I edit it and created a slideshow with music I wrote myself (I’m a film composer) so as not to have licensing issues. The brides love it as another way of looking at their wedding. Keep in mind I do tell them they are at the resolution of HD video which is significantly less than the 20+ Megapixels shot by photographers – though they are deemed by the brides as quite suitable for cell phones and online social media.

    Photographers doing the above still have two technical advantages for the time being:

    1. HD is 1920×1080 which would make the stills about 2 Megapixels – suitable for phones and small displays / social media. Not suitable really for printing / hard copy. As videographers move to 4k cameras, the resolution improves by about 4 times making things a bit more palatable.
    2. Depending on what settings the videographer uses (rules of physics still apply – faster frame rates might mean less light), HD is often shot at 30 frames/second and most current videographers can shoot standard at 60 frames/second with newer cameras (like the action CAMs such as “Go”, for example) now coming out at 120 frames/second (though the first wave can’t shoot full HD at 120fps). This is important for lifting video frames since whatever is in the video is often moving and while it looks beautiful and smooth on video, many individual frames could be blurry at slower frame rates.

  • 04/25/14 at 11:19

    Wish my math was a bit better (or we could edit our responses…. lol). If you increase from 1k to 4k, you should get resolution improvement of about 4×4 = 16. By the way, to look at some of these slideshows with still lifted from the video, check them out on my web site at http://www.nofrillsvideo.com. (Did I mention, they get these slideshows about 24 to 48 hours after the wedding since I lift stills as I edit the video)

  • maryjw
    04/28/14 at 11:42

    Absolutely loved this idea!! I would have never thought of it!! I might actually be able to put this idea to good use!! http://www.gofundme.com/8pc9ts

  • 04/28/14 at 01:35

    Hey maryjw – as a professional videographer, losing a once in a lifetime event once it has shot – there is absolutely no excuse (unless it happens at the event and you don’t realize it to later – but even then, a malfunctioning camera ‘should’ be realized). I capture to a card and immediately backup to a studio desktop when I come back to the studio and then back that up to a studio laptop. As I work, the work is backed up once or twice a day to two different places and then finally left on a re-writable blu-ray for up to 5 months after the event.

    I can’t get you back your event or contribute, but should you want me to help you here from Texas somehow, I’ll to it for $1.

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