5 Amazing Hanging Wedding Cakes

Here’s a crazy fun idea: Instead of a cake table some couples are suspending their wedding cakes from the ceiling to create a seriously stunning reception display. (Remember that Kaley Cuoco had an upside down cake hanging from the ceiling?) We’re not saying that a suspended cake doesn’t come with its own set of challenges. You’ll have to get permission from your venue and might need to hire an outside team to help hang the cake (one that specializes in installations). All the same, if you’re looking for something to really pop at your reception, check out these displays below.

An Upside Down Geometric Hanging Cake

A Rustic Metallic Hanging Cake

A Glam Gold Hanging Cake

From the album: A Formal Modern Wedding in Columbus, OH

A Hanging Rustic Cake Table

A Romantic Hanging Cake Swing

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