5 Rainbow Wedding Photos You Have To See To Believe

Rain on the wedding day isn’t always a disappointment. Sometimes it brings along a rainbow — or two in the case of Kathryn and Tom. Their photographer just so happened to capture an incredible double rainbow behind them during their portrait session. Okay, so not every rain shower brings a bright kaleidoscope of colors. If you really want one, you could always rent a rainbow-making machine (yes, this exists and no, we’re not serious). By the way, if it does happen to rain on your wedding day, we say grab a pair of boots and an umbrella and get as many romantic kissing-in-the-rain photos as possible. See the five very lucky couples who had rain and rainbows on their wedding days.

A Double Rainbow Shot In Hampshire, England

A Mountain Rainbow Shot in Anchorage, AK

A Sunny Rainbow Shot in Granby, CO

A Rainbow Shot in Denver, CO

A Rainbow Shot in Utah


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