10 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous of Your Engagement

When you get engaged, you want your friends to be just as happy as you are. But the truth is, some of them might not be. A few of your closest pals may be just a tiny bit jealous of your new relationship status. They could be mad about losing one of their single girlfriends or your friend could be upset that you’re getting married before she is. Or it could be a totally different reason that just doesn’t make sense.

We’ve got ten tell-tale signs that she’s not as happy for you as she seems.

1. She forces a smile every time you bring up your wedding. 

2. She makes self-deprecating comments about being one of the only single girls in your friend group now. 

3. She stops listening every time you talk about your wedding or engagement. 

4. She makes a rude face every time other friends ask to see your ring.

5. She has something to say about every one of your wedding decisions.

6. She brags about how much fun she’s having being single. 

6. She obviously isn’t happy at any of your pre-wedding events.

7. She puts down your fiance. 

8. She tries to just disappear from your life.

9. She talks bad about you and your wedding to your other friends. 

10. Every time you say something about your wedding, she tries to one-up you by bringing up something cool from her life.

Convinced she’s jealous? If that’s the case, sit down with her and have an honest conversation. Try to understand where she’s coming from and then see if you can do something to help her out. If she can’t bear to hear about your wedding, maybe make another friend your official wedding confidant. Or if she’s insecure about not being married herself, find a way to beat that insecurity. Ask her to help you pick out reception decor because she has great style, or tell her that you love her foodie opinion and need help choosing a cake flavor.

Think you might have a jealous friend or two on your hands? Discuss below!

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  • Lauren
    05/20/14 at 12:41

    I have a very jealous bridesmaid but it is not because she is single. Her wedding is exactly 4 weeks after mine and she has a much smaller wedding budget. I am not going to make my wedding less nice to appease her. It is VERY difficult because she puts down almost everything I am excited about. I try to be happy for her and tell her not to compare events because they will both be great, but that hasn’t worked this far. I’ve resorted to just not talking to her which makes me sad.

  • 05/20/14 at 01:04

    I have a friend who was jealous of me being engaged, and she wasn’t single she was engaged as well. It turns out from other people I talked to she was jealous because it took so long for her man to purpose to her, and my guy purposed after only 3 months of being a couple. And I tried to be every bit as excited about her wedding even before I got engaged and after I got engaged, but she never showed any support for me or showed any happiness either. And eventually what happened was we stopped being friends for a time, because I was hurt that she constantly made excuses not to come to a bridesmaid fitting, and also because she just acted like I got engaged to spite her or something.

  • somedude
    07/01/14 at 12:04

    Why do females always assume other women are jealous of them? Maybe your friend just thinks you’re a moron for getting married. Or, perhaps you are, in fact, engaged to an asshole. Not everyone that refuses to kiss your ring is jealous of you. Good God.

  • Anonymous
    01/26/15 at 07:49

    @Somedude, please don’t listen to these women, you are absolutely right in that women often just mean what they say. If they say they don’t like your fiance or think you talk about your wedding too much, maybe it means they just don’t like your fiance and you talk about your wedding too much. And I’m sick of men AND women trying to make women sound like they are an enigmatic species that speaks in code. Keep taking people at their word – you will do much better in your future communications with the so-called mysterious female, or at least the ones who are worth communicating with. (And maybe you won’t have as many fights with your close friends as many of the people on this blog seem to be having!)

  • Sana
    04/10/15 at 10:47

    You must be mad because this list describes u! Women are sneaky and sly! Not all though

  • Betty
    07/01/14 at 07:22

    Somedude, if women were only that easy to understand. It’s jealousy. Starts in the school playground and just doesn’t ever get better.
    I have more male friends than female, makes life so much easier. :)

  • Ash
    08/05/14 at 12:52

    @Somedude, unfortunately it does mean they are jealous and like betty kindly pointed out you clearly don’t understand women very much. I got married last year and my best friend of 16 years all of a sudden disappeared from my life they whole year of wedding planning she was meant to be my bridesmaid and in the end bailed on not only being my bridesmaid but my wedding aswell and justified it at the time because she was planning her bf’s birthday and was buying him lots of gifts so she couldn’t afford to come ( my wedding was not in the city she lived in)

    she could not handle that i was getting married first she picked fights with me and made my wedding to seem like not a big deal and we ended up not speaking for about 4 months on my wedding day i got a text from her say congrats and she wished she was there. She was jealous of my relationship to begin with and then when we got engaged she couldn’t handle it. unfortunately some girls get very jealous and are willing to ruin friendships because of it. she got engaged a few months ago and is back to being normal and friendly. Goes to show some people just want what others have and until they have it they just cause trouble.

    all is forgiven and we are getting our friendship back on track luckily. ( although my husband is not to trusting yet)

    hard world between girls thats for sure!

  • 08/05/14 at 03:25

    @Lauren I was in almost exactly the same situation as you! We were best friends but it went sour when she asked how much my engagement ring cost then it all spiraled out of control after both our weddings were over (I was her bridesmaid 6 months after she was mine) and she ended up freezing me out of our group of friends. Unfortunately we all work for the same company so I still have to see her and her entourage. I didn’t boast or brag about anything (we also both bought houses around the same time) yet still somehow I’m public enemy number one because my fiance earns a lot of money and he is more romantic (our proposal was on holiday at midnight on a beach in Malta after my fiance asked my dad’s permission; hers was in a bar during a drunken argument and her fiance didn’t even get down on one knee). Sometimes I miss the people that I thought were my friends then I remember that if they let jealousy of my wedding, my house, my car, and my career success consume them to the point where they try to ice and bully me (mostly on social media and through bitching and trash talking in work), then they weren’t real friends to begin with.

  • Guest
    08/08/14 at 03:29

    #1: Maybe you’re getting married to an awful man. It happens.

    I love how engagement and marriage has become an exalted state of being. Finding the love of your life is amazing, marrying them, making them your family is definitely life-changing and wonderful in a lot of ways. But can we stop, as a society, acting like getting married is tantamount to having achieved something profoundly momentus, like finding a lasting cure for cancer? You’re getting married, mazel tov, with all due respect. Let the rest of us get back to the business of carrying on in our own lives.

  • 10/12/14 at 09:34

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