5 Bow Ties You’ve Never Seen Before

You have your “it” accessory (flower crown anyone?) so why can’t your groom add a stylish accent to his look too?

Feather Bow Tie 

BrackishBowTies.com // Featured: The Knot Blog

Peacock feather, $189, BrackishBowTies.com

This actually looks a lot nicer than it sounds. We get it’s not for every groom, but if your guy is a bit flashy and off-beat, this could be his cool accessory.

Paper Bow Tie

Etsy.com // Featured: The Knot Blog

Handmade Bow Tie, $30, Etsy.com

This two-toned paper bow tie has a rustic feel and is totally recyclable — perfect for the environmentally responsible groom.

Wooden Bow Tie

WoodenBowTies.com // Featured: The Knot Blog

Carl, $65, WoodenBowTies.com

Think woodland wedding with this dark wood bow tie. Give as a gift to your groomsmen and you’ll have them as keepsakes forever.

Lego Bow Tie

Etsy.com // Featured: The Knot Blog

Geek Bow Tie, $29, Etsy.com

Go for playful vibe with this lego bow tie, especially if you’ll have drones or an R2D2 engagement ring at your wedding.

Leather Bow Tie

ChristopherChaun.com // The Knot

Silk not exotic enough? How about a bow tie made of python. Yes, you heard right — python. Pretty fierce.

Oliver Python SS, $275, ChristopherChaun.com

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