5 Bow Ties You’ve Never Seen Before

You have your “it” accessory (flower crown anyone?) so why can’t your groom add a stylish accent to his look too?

Feather Bow Tie 

BrackishBowTies.com // Featured: The Knot Blog

Peacock feather, $189, BrackishBowTies.com

This actually looks a lot nicer than it sounds. We get it’s not for every groom, but if your guy is a bit flashy and off-beat, this could be his cool accessory.

Paper Bow Tie

Etsy.com // Featured: The Knot Blog

Handmade Bow Tie, $30, Etsy.com

This two-toned paper bow tie has a rustic feel and is totally recyclable — perfect for the environmentally responsible groom.

Wooden Bow Tie

WoodenBowTies.com // Featured: The Knot Blog

Carl, $65, WoodenBowTies.com

Think woodland wedding with this dark wood bow tie. Give as a gift to your groomsmen and you’ll have them as keepsakes forever.

Lego Bow Tie

Etsy.com // Featured: The Knot Blog

Geek Bow Tie, $29, Etsy.com

Go for playful vibe with this lego bow tie, especially if you’ll have drones or an R2D2 engagement ring at your wedding.

Leather Bow Tie

ChristopherChaun.com // The Knot

Silk not exotic enough? How about a bow tie made of python. Yes, you heard right — python. Pretty fierce.

Oliver Python SS, $275, ChristopherChaun.com

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  • 03/26/14 at 02:15

    All these feather bow ties are really looking cool. Feather bow tie is the best one in my opinion.

  • Simone Hill
    03/26/14 at 08:50

    Love the graining on that wood bowtie! Perfect for the Beyonce and Jay Z obsessed couple. ; )

  • 04/29/14 at 09:04

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    We find the best and most affordable ties around, and sell them to men of exquisite taste. It’s simple really, but you must understand something. Most ties out there are crap. They have hideous patterns, are tied to look like a dead fish, and scream “I’m a used car salesman and still live at home, but I’m going places, I swear.”

    We’re not that kind of tie merchant. Our ties are handpicked by gentlemen who know a good style in a haystack of crap, and understand that a four-in-hand is the only way of tying a tie (as opposed to some new ‘technique’ bandied around at an all boys school).

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