4 Ways To Put A Ring On Him

Andria Lindquist Andria Lindquist

Man-gagement rings are nothing new, but lately everyone seems to be talking about them (especially after Johnny Depp was spotted wearing one!). We love that couples are breaking from tradition and men are wearing something special to tell the world, “I’m engaged!” The actual logistics of how and when he’ll start wearing his ring is a bit trickier though since men wearing engagement rings is a newer trend. Here’s the thing: There’s no right or wrong way to do it and it’s really up to what works for you as a couple, but we came up with a few ideas to get you started.

1. He proposes, then you pick out his man-gagement ring together. 

Say he plans a romantic surprise proposal for you. You’re thrilled about your new sparkly ring, but you decide together he should wear one too. In this scenario you both might hit up the nearest jewelry store and start shopping together to find something you both love. This is the most traditional plan, and perfect for the couple who want the classic “he got down on one knee” story to tell the grandkids.

2. You propose to him with a man-gagement ring first.

You’re not the type of person to wait for anyone and you’ve never been one to follow traditional gender norms, so your proposal won’t be any different. Scope out your groom-to-be’s style, hunt down the perfect ring (or custom make one just for him) and then plan out how you’ll surprise him. You can get down on one knee or make it no-fuss and pass it to him over a romantic dinner.

3. He proposes with two rings, one for you and one for him. 

Maybe you’ve already had the conversation about you both wearing a ring and he jumps straight to it by surprising you with a ring he’s picked out for himself right then and there. The benefit of this plan is that you both have rings to wear from the moment you get engaged, instead of having to wait to choose one down the line.

4. You pick out rings together, then plan surprise proposals later.

If neither of you are into not knowing what the ring will look like you could pick out engagement rings at the same time. Maybe you came to the decision that it’s time, and you can’t wait one more moment to start picking out rings. Choosing to pick your rings out together doesn’t mean that you have to give up the surprise proposal. You could hold on to his ring and he yours and surprise each other with the rings later on.

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  • Berdina Cooper
    03/26/14 at 12:09

    I knew nothing of a trend but I told him that if I had to wear a ring to signify that I was taken…..then so did he!! He has been wearing his since last April and the wedding is in June!

  • Vitalia
    03/26/14 at 11:39

    It’s not a new trend but traditional in Latin culture and I think perhaps some have picked up on it and like it. Usually the man proposes and then the woman gives a ring to him at his families house to announce their engagement.

  • William Paul Taylor
    03/26/14 at 12:30

    I’ve always wondered, why can’t a man receive a engagement ring; it would be awesome; great idea. It would make a man proud, to show he’s spoken for.

  • 03/27/14 at 12:43

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