3 Reasons To #GetCovered

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We know this has nothing to do with your wedding checklist or the latest trend for grooms, but this is important. TheKnot.com and our awesome sister sites TheNest.com and TheBump.com have partnered up with The White House to spread the word about the upcoming Healthcare.gov deadline. (Read Michelle Obama’s letter to TheBump.com #exciting!!) The last day to sign up for the year is March 31st — that’s only 6 days away.

If you aren’t covered now, go to Healthcare.gov and get it done. It’s fast, easy and totally worth the peace of mind.

1. It’s easy to sign up online.
The entire process — from creating an account to comparing plans and actually signing up — has been streamlined, making it much easier to sign up and check it off the list.

2. You’ll probably save money.
According to HealthCare.gov, nearly 6 in 10 uninsured Americans can pay less than $100 per month for coverage. Some plans go for as little as $50 per month.

3. Your health is more important than the wedding colors you choose (and pretty much anything else).
Nuff said.

So spread the word. Remind your freelancer or entrepreneur friends — now is the time!

And Now Back To Wedding Planning…

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  • Rachel
    03/25/14 at 02:56

    Dear The Knot: All you should be concerned about is health care coverage for your own employees. What you have written above is false advertising. My costs went up this year, my parents’ costs went up this year— pretty much everyone I know had their health care costs go up this year. I only read The Knot for wedding planning. Know your place, or lose members.

  • Daniel Jorgenson
    03/25/14 at 04:46

    My insurance was going up every year prior to the government touching it ā€” duh ā€” that’s why they attempted to reform it. It’s by no means perfect, but I do appreciate that preexisting conditions are now void. If you’re that sensitive to an insurance plug, you probably should go elsewhere. Buh-bye!

  • Karen Choat
    03/25/14 at 03:52

    I now pay three times what I paid previous to this disaster and because of a injury I am now unable to work to pay the insurance but I will never ever sign on to this unconstitutional joke. I had liked The Knot page to help my niece in planning her wedding and was so disappointed to see that there is almost no where that government does not invade anymore. Why you thought this was a good idea I cannot imagine but we will find our ideas elsewhere.

  • Daniel Jorgenson
    03/25/14 at 04:48

    Yes, please boycott theKnot over an insurance blog post (?). That’s one less person I have to compete with to try and plan my wedding.:)

  • Rachel
    03/25/14 at 05:53

    Daniel you’re competing?? Weird. Yes, there should be some government-free zones and a website devoted solely to wedding planning should be one of them. “You’ll probably save money” is a blatant lie. “Probably not” more like it.

  • Karen Choat
    03/25/14 at 07:49

    Not a boycott Daniel, just my choice. I do still have that at least for now.

  • RBM
    03/31/14 at 04:37

    Dear TheKnot: stick to weddings! Talking politics is not good etiquette ;]

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