3 Reasons To #GetCovered

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We know this has nothing to do with your wedding checklist or the latest trend for grooms, but this is important. TheKnot.com and our awesome sister sites TheNest.com and TheBump.com have partnered up with The White House to spread the word about the upcoming Healthcare.gov deadline. (Read Michelle Obama’s letter to TheBump.com #exciting!!) The last day to sign up for the year is March 31st — that’s only 6 days away.

If you aren’t covered now, go to Healthcare.gov and get it done. It’s fast, easy and totally worth the peace of mind.

1. It’s easy to sign up online.
The entire process — from creating an account to comparing plans and actually signing up — has been streamlined, making it much easier to sign up and check it off the list.

2. You’ll probably save money.
According to HealthCare.gov, nearly 6 in 10 uninsured Americans can pay less than $100 per month for coverage. Some plans go for as little as $50 per month.

3. Your health is more important than the wedding colors you choose (and pretty much anything else).
Nuff said.

So spread the word. Remind your freelancer or entrepreneur friends — now is the time!

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