Do We Have To Offer Vegetarian Options At Our Wedding?

How To Accomodate Vegans and Vegetarians Arden Prucha Jenkins

There’s bound to be a few friends or family members with special menu needs on your guest list. (Hence the reason so many couples are talking about the best way to accommodate dietary restrictions right now on our Food & Cakes board.)

So should you really have to worry about all of your vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free et al guests’ needs? The answer is yes and no.

If you know that one or a handful of your guests have dietary restrictions, you should talk to your caterer about it. From there, you can devise a plan. Caterers deal with special requests all the time so their pretty much guaranteed to have a few alternative serving suggestions for you. And most of the time, your caterer won’t even charge you extra for it. The only big caveat is if you need to have kosher meals on hand. In that case, it might be an added cost to the caterer (and they will probably then have to pass that cost along to you).

One final piece of advice — make sure that the servers at your wedding are well-informed of the dinner menu and its ingredients. That way, you’re covered should one of your guests ask about a particular dish the evening of the wedding.

Bottom line: don’t sweat it too much! Be thoughtful by asking the right questions to your caterer and you’ll have done your job to accommodate your guests (just like a good host should!).

Agree? Disagree? Discuss special menu ideas right here!

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