I’m Wearing My Twin Sister’s Wedding Dress — Here’s Why

5 reasons why I’m wearing my sister’s wedding dress: VUE Photography / TheKnot.com Vue Photography

Have you found your wedding dress yet? If so, how long did it take you and how many did you try on? Luckily, I “chose” my own almost four years ago, long before I was planning this party. From the moment my sister said “you have to wear this dress when you get married!” I thought, sure, that’s a great idea. Here’s why:

It fits!

No, this isn’t some ridiculous stroke of fashion good fortune— my sister and I are twins. I was even looking forward to avoiding the whole dreaded “wedding diet” rite of passage because my sister is usually a couple of pounds heavier, but unfortunately (for me) she got into incredible shape before her day. I’m getting familiar with MyFitnessPal in order to make sure it still fits by June.

It’s free

With our wedding budget feeling like it could bust at any moment, it’s a relief to know that we don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for a new dress (just a few hundred for minor alterations). We now have some extra cash for flowers, music…and keeping my wedding “first aid kit” stocked with ibuprofen, wine, and take-out pizza (totally at odds with my wedding diet—I don’t even need MyFitnessPal to tell me that!).

I hate shopping

I really dislike buying clothes and always have. It’s a weird personality quirk that sometimes make me feel like a traitor to the female gender. My future SIL considers shopping to be her hobby, but I just don’t get it, from trying on items in poorly lit dressing rooms, to weighing decisions, to spending money. I’ve managed to remain appropriately clothed through a combination of Zappos.com, AnnTaylor.com and my sister’s closet—in addition to wedding dresses she also has a nice little collection of business casual items that I borrow from time to time.

I never needed the “I found it!” moment

Ah, Say Yes To The Dress. I believe this can’t-look-away show has elevated the moment you find “the one” dress to a level almost equal to the moment you, well, find “the one” man or woman you’re going to marry. But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have that exact moment (see “I hate shopping,” above). That said, the dress is pretty close to perfect for my taste and petite figure—tea length, fitted, with ribbon detailing. I’ll make it “mine” by wearing my hair up (my sis wore hers down in waves), although I’ll borrow the matching Stuart Weitzman cream heels she bought and also only wore once.

It has sentimental meaning

This is the biggest factor for me. I love wearing my great-grandmother’s ring because family is so important to me, and for the same reason, I adore the idea of donning my sister’s dress. I could buy one of the thousands of divine dresses I see on Pinterest or in The Knot’s Lookbook app (seriously—if you need to kill a few hours drooling over dresses, download it immediately). And I totally understand other women who want to say yes to their own dress. But this is one moment—and item of clothing—that I’m more than happy to share with my sister.

Want More? Yeah, You Do!

> I sort of hate the word fiancé

> How often do you clean your engagement ring?

> Have you ever joked about eloping? (We did)

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  • 03/21/14 at 12:53

    Love your last reason! It definitely will mean more and what a great story to tell in the future! <3

  • 03/23/14 at 01:41

    I’m an identical twin, and here’s the #1 reason not to: Despite all those things she mentions, you spend your whole life being compared to your twin and being treated as one person instead of two individuals, and everyone will continue to think of you that way instead of using a day that’s about you to be about you. “Oh of course they’re wearing the same dress, gee, aren’t the twins cute?” *eyeroll* Even if my sister could fit my dress, I know there’s no way she’d wear it, and no way I would let her. Bad idea. Just….#icant.

  • Lauren
    03/24/14 at 03:21

    I’ve got my dress! it took over 40 gowns over the course of 8 months to find it though…

  • 06/13/14 at 07:20

    Hey, I thought this was a awesome blog. Apreciate you posting.

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