7 Reasons Why Having A Donkey At Your Wedding Is A Great Idea

Entertaining two different families at your wedding can be hard, and full of potential awkward pauses in conversation. Enter the beer burro. That’s right: adorable donkeys dressed in traditional Southwestern garb (or outfitted to match your dress and wedding colors!) who serve beer, wine, soda — or any other beverage you request — at your rehearsal dinner or your cocktail hour. Guests can give these long-eared friends a hug, a treat (donkeys love carrots), or they can simply take a photo to remember the experience forever. Vanessa Rice, owner and creator of — ahem — Haul N Ass Productions in Arizona, got the idea from her brother’s destination wedding in Mexico. There, it seemed to be common place to pack a donkey with a load of Coronas to get the party started. So, if it was so much fun in Mexico, why not here? We’re breaking down the seven reasons why having a donkey at your wedding kicks some major ass.

Donkeys Will Love Your Guests

Miija, Burrito and Deniro love humans and can’t wait to pack up and go to a wedding because that means a warm shampoo, a good grooming and most importantly, lots of treats. “The donkeys go in hotels, restaurants — they go everywhere. The first thing guests want to do is touch their ears so they have to be very tolerant and they genuinely love people,” Rice says. “The main thing is that they are trained to stand still and they’re rewarded for their good behavior.”

They’re Perfect Conversation Starters

Photo: Haul N Ass Productions // Featured: The Knot Blog

Guests love the donkeys because they totally kill an awkward vibe, Rice tells us. “At weddings, you’ve got people that have never met, and before you know it, they’re hanging with the donkey, meeting over the donkey and helping each other take photos. It’s just a great ice-breaker.”

Your Event Will Be One-Of-A-Kind

Photo: Haul N Ass Productions // Featured: The Knot Blog

It’s easy to see why guests will be chatting about “that wedding with the donkey” for ages after the event. “It’s something people don’t expect,” says Rice. “Having the beer burro sets the tone and makes the event memorable.”

Your Pics Will Be Priceless

Pictures from a beer burro wedding also have considerable charm. “Everyone wants to get photos with the donkey,” says Rice. “People get creative with the type of photos they want. They take pictures kissing the donkey and a lot of times, it’s funny when the bride stands next to the burro and it tries to eat her bouquet.”

They Don’t Make A Mess. Really

Photo: Haul N Ass Productions // Featured: The Knot Blog

Don’t worry about a mess, says Rice. Since the donkeys aren’t around for more than two hours, they rarely create problems, but just in case, they accessorize with a discreet donkey diaper.

They Double As Waiters

These animals have been around forever and have always been put to work, whether that meant carrying riders, packing supplies or helping out around the farm. “Whole economies have been reliant on burros,” Rice explains. Plus, the beverage packs that Haul N Ass donkeys wear amount to only about 40 lbs, a negligible amount to their 350 lbs bodies.

Let’s Be Honest, Those Sweet Faces

Photo: Haul N Ass Productions // Featured: The Knot Blog

Can you seriously look at this donkeys face without melting? Your guests won’t know what to do with themselves.

How much will a beer burro set you back? Rice says that the typical price for two hours of long-eared brewskis is around $500. To check out more pictures of these gentle giants getting down with guests at cocktail hour, head to Haul N Ass’s Facebook page.

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  • Bridget Clegg
    03/21/14 at 01:00

    Forget wedding dogs! :)

  • mariajose
    03/24/14 at 07:32

    You are a fuming Donkey!!! Donkey are not a toy!!!! STUPID IDEA!!!!!

  • alycia santarella
    03/24/14 at 10:34

    what an ASININE idea! this is a living being not a beer rack! and forced to stand in place for hours, “must be tolerant”??! (probably beaten to be that way) and to have people with their hands all over them. how stressful for these animals. so unkind. for shame, rachel torgerdon & the knot

  • 09/23/14 at 07:08

    >> As a professional Donkey Wrangler and proud member of North America’s largest Donkey Rescue, who has spent many years with thousands and thousands of donkeys, I’ll tell you this is a fine idea. Unlike “Donkey Basketball” or baseball, where clueless members of the overweight public abuse donkeys for amusement, this activity is in-line with the historic use of the animal, and can serve as excellent public outreach on the true nature of donkeys. As to Alycia’s comment about being “beaten to be that way”, i.e. friendly, curious and affectionate, she, like most Americans, obviously doesn’t know the first thing about these animals.

  • 04/24/15 at 11:18

    Thanks Doc – People can be so ignorant, thank you for setting them straight. If they new anything about donkeys you would know that you can’t FORCE donkeys to do what we ask them to do. If they didn’t want to participate they simply would not get in the trailer since the only time they are transported is to a job. Packing a few pounds and standing around a group of people while they are petted and receiving treats is a great way to spend an hour for our special long hear friends. If any of these naysayer had actually taken a few moments to look at our website they would see that every negative comment has zero merit.

  • 09/28/14 at 06:35

    It’s fantastic that you are getting thoughts from this paragraph as well
    as from our dialogue made here.

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