5 Mini Moon Ideas That Don’t Require A Suitcase

If you’re in the 23% of couples who aren’t taking a honeymoon or are saving up for an amazing trip later on down the line, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something special right after the wedding. You’ll be in the honeymoon period after all! Not to mention you’re probably going to be ready for a bit of downtime and relaxation as you settle into your newlywed phase. Our advice: In the very least, steal one these honeymoon alternative ideas.

1. Play hooky from work.

Even if it’s just a day or two, take off from your jobs, turn off your phones (or at least disconnect your work e-mail) and tune out everything having to do with your 9-5.

2. Act like tourists in your own town.

From the album: A Romantic Wedding in Sapelo Island, GA

You’ve probably been together for a while before you were married, but these will be the first days of your married life so here’s a chance to start fresh and start some new traditions. Explore where you live, try new parks, restaurants, museums and activities, which will make you feel like you’re in a whole new place even if you’re staying close to home.

3. Change up your bedroom. 

We’re not talking about just covering the bed in flower petals and turning down the lights (although that’s cool too). It’s more about giving your sleeping space a little overhaul. Even just changing out your duvet cover, adding some mood lighting or hanging new art to the walls can help freshen up your space and make it feel brand new. That way you won’t feel like it’s back to the same-old place it was before you got married.

4. Hold off on opening wedding gifts for a few days.

This might sound crazy, but there’s nothing that kills the mood faster than thinking about where you’re going to put all that new stuff and keeping track of everything so you can start your thank you notes. Let the gifts sit off to the side for a few days while you make each other amazing dinners and celebrate each other. Then plan to open them a week later and make a fun event out of it for just the two of you.

5. Go camping.

It’s not for everyone but we would argue that nature is the most romantic place to spend time with your new husband or wife. So grab your gear and hit the road for a night or two. If roughing it isn’t really yours style, then escape to a cabin instead. And don’t forget to pack the cooler with champagne.

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