9 Sweetheart Chair Ideas Fit For A King and Queen

One more way to feel special on your wedding day? Cute and coordinating chairs for the two of you at the reception. Think about it: a pair of ornate and eye-catching armchairs to play-up a regal theme or choose a romantic love seat so you guys don’t have to be apart (even by a few inches!). We rounded up some of the coolest ways we’ve seen sweetheart chairs done, so get comfy and take a look!

An Ivory Love Seat

Mid-Century Modern High-Back Chairs

Plush White Chairs

Blush Armchairs

From the album: A Fall Fruit-Inspired Styled Shoot

A Vintage Wooden Bench

From the album: A Fun Vow Renewal in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Regal Gold and Silver Armchairs

From the album: A Luxe Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

Matching Ornate Gold Armchairs

From the album: An Enchanted Garden Wedding in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

LimeeGreen Chairs and Chalkboards

Suede Orange Armchairs

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