5 Wedding Preservation Ideas We Can’t Believe Exist

We can understand wanting to hold onto extra invites and programs, preserving the wedding dress and saving that top tier of the wedding cake for the one-year anniversary. But having a miniature version of your wedding cake made isn’t something we had thought of — neither is putting a wedding dress in a giant shadow box. See what we’re talking about below.

1. Your Cake Replicated As An Ornament

Aberrant Ornaments takes a photo of your wedding cake and then creates an exact replica. What you do with it afterward is up to you!

2. Your Wedding Dress Turned Into A Pillow Case

Old New Borrowed Redo will take your wedding dress and turn it into anything from pillow cases to blankets and even picture frames.

3. Your Bouquet Turned Into Jewelry

Bellabeads takes the fresh flowers from your bouquet (or flowers you’ve already had dried) and turns them into beads that can then be made into a bracelet or earrings.

4. Your Wedding Dress In A Giant Shadow Box

Heirloom Shadow Box Co. puts your dress in a giant oval mirror. There are smaller frames to choose from — but that’s the idea.

5. Your Wedding Shoes Behind Glass

Give your shoes museum status by placing them behind glass after the wedding. There are a few places that do it but we found this one through Angela’s Fantasy Creations.

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